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My name is Anne Jones and I aim to bring you everything you need on this website to assist you to heal, be empowered, inspired and to move forward on your path to happiness, love and joy. On the site you will find healing services, healing directory, distance healing, healing events and our spiritual shop with products to help you to heal and stay protected.

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Healing Directory

healing directoryOver the 20 + years I have been healing, I have written, recorded and videoed many healing and meditation sessions. I have now compiled all of this information into an easy to use directory which will direct you straight to the information you need to help you with your specific issue.

So, this is my own version of the Yellow Pages, Anne’s Pink Pages! Here you will find all that you need to help you to heal yourself.

For more information see the Healing Directory

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The Power of You

the power of you

The Power of You community website offers complete access to all of my online distant learning workshops as well as exclusive content! Monthly recorded healing sessions, monthly recorded meditations and discounts on all products in my shop. All with the aim to help you to empower yourself, to be the very best that you are! We hope to see you there!

Invasive Energy Clearing

  July 26, 2015

If, like many others, you have spent years trying to heal yourself but still suffer with issues in your life, you may be being affected by external energies and require some invasive energy clearing.

This 3 step healing process is a way I have developed to clear harmful invasive energies that can cause long term depression, addiction, curses and other hard to deal with issues. These issues may be affecting you and other members of your family including partners and children. The light energy I channel along with my understanding, intention and your own intention, will allow us to clear these invasive external energies. In addition to the clearing we can reclaim your sense of will and self-esteem which may have been compromised and affected.

Read more: Invasive Energy Clearing.

Healing Negative Energies book appears in the Daily Mail!

  July 26, 2015

My book Healing Negative Energies appears in a Daily Mail article – Two more ways to cleanse your energy

daily mailThere’s increasing evidence to show that there is much we can do to improve the quality of the air we breathe every day that may have become polluted by electrical equipment.

Here we look at two more ways to improve your air quality.

According to energy healers, crystals have their own energy fields and vibrations which can counteract the positve ions from computers and mobile phones which are bad for us, thus helping to neutralise our environment.

Healing experts believe that crystals are made up of negative ions that help counteract the effects of potentially harmful particles in our environment.

Healer Anne Jones, author of Healing Negative Energies, believes that placing an amethyst or clear quartz on top of your computer or by your bed improves the quality of the air.

‘Crystals with high vibrational energies containing negative ions can counteract the effects of low vibrational energy – the type of energy sent out from computers and mobile phones,’ she says.

‘By sending out high vibrations, crystals can boost low vibrational energy and bring the whole energy field into balance.’

Read more: Two more ways to cleanse your energy

Anne Jones – July 2015 Newsletter 2

  July 20, 2015

It’s rather a murky day here in England and sunny summer days seem a little elusive so let’s focus on what can lift us. I am lucky to have a vivid imagination and when things get gloomy or I feel depressed I tend to think of a good memory or a place where the sun is shining and all is well. If your sense of vision isn’t so strong you might find guided meditations help you as in these I paint a picture to help change a mood. Every month on the website The Power of You I upload two new meditations – one for healing and one as inspiration or help in changing your mood. This month the sessions are: Healing and releasing anxiety, stress and tension and the meditation is Connecting to the powerful forces of regeneration with Pluto (the dwarf planet that we are now seeing in amazing photos from space).
Pluto energy will help you to dig deep and find answers to your own inner questions and help you start new journeys; discover more about yourself and to let go the old. If your highest and deepest needs are not met then Pluto energy will force change upon you!! I have been experiencing a lot of this “change by force” at the moment so I am looking forward to working with Pluto to take a little more control of my own direction!

Retreat, heal and discover more about yourself.

Any fears or anxieties from past events or some unknown experience in your past can make it difficult to raise your game and can limit your oomph, your mojo! In my next Retreat in October I will be focusing on finding the deeper wounding that often only shows as fear or an unknown anxiety that just holds you back and steals your ability for full-on happiness. I will also be using the new healing of Clearing Invasive Energies that I am currently working with – clearing the manipulative and harmful energies that can be directed at you from a source outside of yourself. There are some rooms left in the hotel in the New Forest National Park if you wish to join me contact Brenda. Oh yes, and we will have fun as well as healing, socialising and enjoying the natural beauty of this fabulous part of England!

I am now off to Marbella to stay with a friend for a week with the idea of writing, lazing and finding the sun. I hope you find sunshine and uplifting experiences and take some time to relax too!

Lots of love and big hugs

Anne xxxx

Anne Jones – July 2015 Newsletter

  July 5, 2015

Exciting News!!

For some time I have been pondering on the ferociousness of some of the dark energies that I am being asked to clear for people all around the world. Also, I have been considering why some people seem to struggle so hard to shift addiction, depression or clear themselves and their families from the sense of being cursed; of being constantly underpowered and overwhelmed. I have always encouraged my clients to find the answers within themselves – to find the magnets of guilt, anger and fear that they hold that seem to attract and encourage these conditions. However, I have felt for some time that there are many who work so, so hard to clear and heal their wounds, imprints and negative feelings but are unsuccessful.

Just recently I had a major breakthrough in my quest to find a solution and have found a way for invasive energy clearing, to clear harmful external negative influences that can cause long term, depression, addiction and curses. This came from a shocking realisation that occurred whilst performing a clearing and healing for a dear friend of mine, Debbie, I had been sharing the discovery that the energies I had been connecting to since an illness earlier this year were proving to be most effective. She asked me to use this light energy to help her clear a depression that she had been struggling with since she was a child – in fact through her entire life. She told me that she felt worse in the mornings when she woke up and she had also had an almost nonstop headache for as long as she could remember.

I stepped into the healing with a sense that this was caused by what I can only describe as the darkest of dark energies – not the negativity caused by human condition but from an external source. As I started to bring in the light energy I became aware of a number of thread like substances that flowed into and out of Debbie. When I followed them I realised they come from a malevolent and manipulative universal source – let’s leave it at that for now! I started to clear these threads and fill and surround her with light and as I worked I sensed the threads leaving her and becoming less effective. I felt that these were controlling attachments that drew off her energies and also seeded negative beliefs. They felt also as though she was part of some sort of experiment. As I worked on her she felt the energies leaving her. She then asked me to clear other members of her family who have been also affected in the same way. I explained what I had seen and felt and she was extremely relieved that in fact she hadn’t been going mad all her life and that there was an actual reason for her condition!

I am sure that over time I will understand more about these energies and their source but this knowledge is enough for me to know that the light energy I channel with my understanding and intention plus the intention of my client will allow us to clear them. In addition to the clearing we can reclaim one’s sense of will and self-esteem which are both seriously compromised and affected by these invasive energies.

New Healing Procedure

invasive energy healing process.

To make this clearing available to you and your family I have put together a process that is easy to follow.

Step One: Follow the healing meditation that I have recorded to set your intentions, cut your own cords of attachment to your condition, to reclaim your free will and to heal any imprints in your heart/soul and mind caused by your situation.

Step Two: Send me a photograph of yourself and up to four others who are affected and I will clear the threads of any invasive negative energy streams.

Step Three: Follow the healing meditation that I have recorded to help give you strength, determination and protection to move forward.

This healing process is available to you through donation – the minimum donation I ask for is £10 but you can donate more if you like. The link to go through this process, find the information and to donate is here – .

Please share this with anyone you know who may benefit from this healing. Big hugs and lots of love to you – I am now going to give my pondering a break and am going to take in some of this wonderful summer sunshine we are experiencing.

Love Anne xxx

Anne Jones – June 2015 Newsletter

  July 5, 2015

At last, summer has arrived in Northern Europe and we are shedding our winter woollies. Tony and I have recovered from the upset with our fish pond and the invasion of the mink and have now stocked it with water lilies and put some small gold fish and fan tails in which we hope will not appeal to the hungry mink. Interesting that I have just found a short poem that I wrote some time ago about being a mink:

Have you ever stopped to think
What life is like to be a mink?
Shut up in cages small and dark
A life that’s dreary, cold and stark
And when it ends, on table laid
And stripped and sewn and fashion made
To wrap around some woman vain
What price the hurt, what price the pain
Don’t you agree that we should think
A little more about the mink?

In light of my consideration for it’s fate I do think the mink may have had a little more consideration for me and my fish! Ha Ha! Anyway it’s all over and we move on with our tiny gold fish. My blood pressure is more or less normal now and my eyes – well I can still see and that’s OK too!

Debbie’s Workshop 20th June

There are still places for Debbie Atkinson’s workshop in Hampshire to create your own personal essences/remedies for you to take in emotional/healing situations, you can find out more and book from here.

Distant Healing

A reminder that I send out distance healing to you every month and you can share this with anyone who wishes to make the connection. In the last session I focussed on clearing the darkest of energies that seem to be troubling so many light workers currently. You can still make a connection and channel in that energy simply by intention. It was 7.30 on 8th June and the next one will be 7.30 UK time on 6th July. Also we have a voluntary distant healing service.

Spiritual Gathering and Retreat.

A reminder of my next live event – Retreat in the New Forest – a few places still available.

At our next Spiritual Gathering I will share my understandings of the Light Source that we can connect to for our power, energy and healing and also on Cutting the Cords to people, situations and past events that no longer help you or make you feel good in any way! I sometimes think I should call this process Let go, goodbye and good riddance! It’s really most effective and a powerful way to take control back of your life and emotions. So if this feels good to you then join me on 15th November in London, you can book with Brenda here.

So wherever you are in the world, enjoy the sunshine let the rain cleanse and refresh you and let the light shine upon you!

Love and blessings,

Anne xxx

Anne Jones – May 2015 Newsletter 2

  May 20, 2015

It’s been an interesting couple of weeks for me. I have been to A & E twice and fought off a predator with sharp teeth for four nights! Let me explain….

I have been experiencing black spots and floating globules in my right eye for some time and when I seriously thought there was a thunderstorm and lightening even in the middle of the day in sunny Cyprus as my right eye was filled with flashing lights, I knew that I had to check it out. I brought my symptoms up for public domain and was astounded how quickly I ended up in A & E at the eye clinic in Southampton with a suspected detached retina. Now this is a seriously scary thing to happen to me as I have a complete and utter paranoia and phobia about anyone touching my eyes – even the optician causes my heart to flutter and no he’s not that handsome! The way the fear and the hospital experience affected me is written in my latest blog as I have turned my experience into a sharing of fear and how it creates real problems on all levels in our lives.

Which brings me to the value of yoga, walking in nature and meditation. I have never been good at silent, mind clear meditation but I do enjoy being guided to places and into myself that I don’t often visit. I just want to remind you that I have been busy over the years creating a library of meditations and healing sessions – these have now been lovingly indexed for easy access in my Healing Directory. Its great to take just a half an hour break and leave our troubled world for a short time and go to other dimensions. When I created my Healing Magic of Visualisation 2 CD I had in mind the idea of this escape – the CD is available on my website shop or shortly you can download it onto your phone or ipad/player from ITunes.

My night predator with sharp teeth was a mink that came prowling into our garden and has decimated our collection of beautiful Koi Carp that have been our fishy friends for 20 years. Pause for a moment of gratitude for these magnificent fish that are now either buried in our garden or in the mink! Tony and I have been on night duty and are suffering sleep deprivation and shame that we just never caught him at it although I did disturb him one night and woke the entire neighbourhood with my screams and noise. Yesterday we built a Fort Knox in chicken wire around the pond and thankfully our three remaining gold fish are unharmed this morning. Any message in this – well I guess we sort of took our fish for granted as they were always there! Will take extra time out to be with the new ones that will be their replacement once we have made the pond totally safe.

This morning a wonderful sight – deer in the next door woods lying among the bluebells!

Anne xxxxx

PS – On the topic of nature and all it’s gifts, my friend and colleague Debbie of Natures Message is running a one day essence creating workshop in the New Forest on the 20th June, do have a look at the information and if you are able to, join Debbie at the Essence Workshop for a day of working with nature creating magic for yourself, friends, family and pets.

Anne Jones – May 2015 Newsletter 1

  May 7, 2015

healing directory - anne jonesAs most of you know, I have changed the way I work and am no longer giving personal healing sessions, I do offer other options and for those you can visit my Healing Page.
I have also recently compiled a new Healing Directory – Anne’s Pink Pages. Here you will find a comprehensive list of subjects that will direct you to the different healing options I offer. I hope you will find this useful when you are looking for help with specific issues. Healing Directory – Anne’s Pink Pages.

If you have been moved by the devastating events in Nepal, then please consider donating to the charity run by my friend Douglas who works tirelessly to help those in need, you can read about his work and information to donate in my recent blog – Update from Nepal.

The Spiritual Gathering in London was a wonderful day and Brenda has booked the same venue for the next event, the 15th November. I have not decided on topics for that day yet as I wanted to see what you would like to work on. If you are planning to attend and have a specific subject you would like me to cover then please email brenda@annejones.org. You can book your place here – Spiritual Gathering.

There are still a few places left on this years retreat in the beautiful New Forest so if you are planning to come, you can reserve your place here – Spiritual Retreat.

Sending lots of love and big springtime hugs to you,

Anne xxxxx