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My name is Anne Jones and I aim to bring you everything you need on this website to assist you to heal, be empowered, inspired and to move forward on your path to happiness, love and joy. On the site you will find healing services, distance healing, healing events, latest news and our spiritual shop with products to help you to heal and stay protected.

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Messages from Anne

When you seek resolution or guidance why not go straight to the top?
When you forgive you set yourself free.
Burdens or acts of love? Do it from your heart not your duty.
Plan but leave some space for spontaneity – it’s more fun!
If fear is your stalker shine a light in its eyes.
Every cloud has a silver lining but you have to look up to the light to see it!
A shut mind closes the door to the possibility of something better – it rejects hope.
What do you want? No, I mean really, really, want? Only YOU know this – now tell them!
No matter how your kids hurt you, keep the door open or at least on the latch.
Keep life simple, why make it difficult?
Reliving past trauma is like watching re-runs of a bad film, it never gets any better! Better to change your channel!
Laughter is a stress buster – do it often!
You are here to spread light, not absorb darkness.
Love is the great comforter, the cosy blanket – it makes you feel warm all over.
Find your wings and try flying, it’s a great sensation!
We are just spirits materialising.
Love makes you feel good – especially when it’s you giving it! PS count yourself in.
It’s never too late to choose the road to happiness – I’ll give you a clue – it’s not the one marked “Victims this way”.
If you smile from your heart it goes to the heart.
Open your heart to receive – no mail comes through a locked post box!
Follow your heart, but keep your eyes wide open!
I have just experienced a light night of the soul!
The difference between good times and bad times? Good times make great replays!
You define yourself by your choices; pick good friends.
If you carry a man he will lose the use of his legs.
Fear is the master of prevarication.
Only paddle your own canoe.
Do what makes your heart sing; make no excuses for being out of tune!
No act of kindness is wasted, no positive thought unused, even the smallest spark of light counts.
When you de-clutter your room you de-clutter your mind and your life. Is it time to get the feather duster out?
Your past will be a rubber band while you are attached to it – let it go to be free.