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Hi! I’m Anne Jones, a healer and author, and I am here to help you!

I can help you to heal the issues that are troubling you, however big or small. If you’re feeling adrift, I can help you raise your vitality and sense of wellbeing, find your path and purpose, and clear the blocks that limit you both in your personal and professional lives.

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I have helped guide countless people to find their purpose, I can help you too!

Here’s a little clue. Love is the key.


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Spiritual Energy Healing

Develop your natural healing powers using symbols and rituals, for yourself and others to clear emotional issues and the barriers to happiness and fulfilment. Heal karma and the after-effects of trauma and bring love into your life.

Spiritual Energy Healing

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    Managing Your Fears and Dark Side

    January 29th, 10am – 12:30pm | Online via Zoom

    Fear is limiting and debilitating
    Your fears can create problems in your relationships
    Your memories of trauma can leave you weak and anxious
    The fears and dark side of those you love can lead them to hurt and upset you

    In this workshop we will:

    • Look at how fear and your dark side affects your life – mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically
    • I will lead you through a meditation to help you acknowledge your dark side which is the accumulated damage, scarring and imprints from past and present trauma and challenges
    • I will bring healing energies to help you transform the fear into positive energies and to understand life lessons
    • I will guide you to your plan of how to manage the anger, pain and recurring negative thoughts that can come from your past and present challenging situations
    • I will help you manage the effects on you from the fears and dark side of those close to you


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