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Hi! I’m Anne Jones, a healer and author, and I am here to help you!

I can help you to heal the issues that are troubling you, however big or small. If you’re feeling adrift, I can help you raise your vitality and sense of wellbeing, find your path and purpose, and clear the blocks that limit you both in your personal and professional lives.

My website has a host of tools to assist you, and over the years I have created a fantastic community, where we all get involved and achieve great things! If you want to join in, click here to become a member where you will receive some extra special tools to help you on your journey to success and fulfilment.

I have helped guide countless people to find their purpose, I can help you too!

Here’s a little clue. Love is the key.


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Our charity work – Hearts and Hands for Africa

In the last year we have reactivated our charity work through our long standing charity Hearts and Hands for Africa. After many years of dedicated hard work and care my dear friend Dr Cary Rasoff stepped back from his full time operations in Africa to assist his elderly parents in his home in Chicago.… Read More


Slow down, Rest and Receive

I recently went to a Kundalini yoga session with my daughter Amanda. I love this form of yoga and I knew it would be a good session but I was particularly thrilled as the topic and focus for the evening was “Slow Down”. This touched a spot with me as I have been trying very hard to do this all this year not always with great success I might add. Why would I be trying to slow down and why was this subject for a yoga session?… Read More



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