Hi! I’m Anne Jones a healer and author,
and I am here to help you!

I can help you to heal the issues that are troubling you, however big or small. If you’re feeling adrift, I can help you raise your vitality and sense of wellbeing, find your path and purpose, and clear the blocks that limit you both in your personal and professional lives.

My website has a host of tools to assist you, and over the years I have created a fantastic community, where we all get involved and achieve great things! If you want to join in, click here to become a member where you will receive some extra special tools to help you on your journey to success and fulfilment.

I have helped guide countless people to find their purpose, I can help you too!

Here’s a little clue. Love is the key.

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Healing with Anne

Anne’s latest book How to Heal

In How to Heal, renowned spiritual leader Anne Jones shows that, amid all this confusion, negativity and noise, you can use the power of ancient symbols and rituals to reclaim control of your emotions, break through your barriers and lift your life to a happier, calmer and more fulfilling place.

Unlock a new strength and resilience as Anne coaches you through a uniquely holistic approach to healing. As you begin to clear negative beliefs, thoughts and feelings about yourself, every single part of you – from your physical body to your mental health and spirit – will respond, come to life and start to heal.

Anne’s latest course Spiritual Energy Healing

This four part course is designed for own healing and spiritual development and as a therapy, either complete as it is, or you can utilise those aspects and techniques that would fit into any other practise you are already using. The symbols work well with Reiki.

Course includes invitation to live Zoom sessions for Q & A and further discussion.

Hearts & Hands Healing Service

Healing for you, family, friends and world situations

Our internation healing organisation, Hearts and Hands, has a register of healers from around the world who will send distant healing for you, your friends, family and world situations.

InnerSight Cards

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