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Hi! I’m Anne Jones, a healer and author, and I am here to help you!

I can help you to heal the issues that are troubling you, however big or small. If you’re feeling adrift, I can help you raise your vitality and sense of wellbeing, find your path and purpose, and clear the blocks that limit you both in your personal and professional lives.

With over 25 years of energy healing work, I have guided countless people on their journey to success and fulfilment.
I can help you too!

A little clue. Love is the key.

Anne xxx


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Cutting the Cords to Attachments Workshop

June 13, 2020

10:00 am

11:00 am


Zoom Workshop £5 | Saturday 13th June | 10 – 11 am.… Read More

Anne’s Live Healing Stream

June 19, 2020

7:00 pm

7:30 pm


Join Anne’s live healing stream on Facebook | June 19th 2020 at 7pm.… Read More

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When to Fold and when to Draw

There will be a time when you wonder if it’s worth pursuing a dream, a goal or whether it would be better to give up, give in and try another path. Have you had a time in your life, or you may even be there now, when you despair of ever getting to your goal, fulfilling your dream or finding the right path that suits you?… Read More


Opening Heart Spheres the way to live wholeheartedly

For some time I have been working with a new concept of healing which I call Heart Spheres. It all started when I was last in Oslo, Norway. I was working on a healing session with a therapist who had been to me a few times before. For this session she was asking me to open her third eye so that she could improve her inner sight and psychic powers.… Read More



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