About Your Healing Session

Your Healing Session
For the healing you will stay fully clothed and sitting up so that we can do this together! You are the healer and I am giving you the energy to heal and I will bring in empowering energy that helps shift old emotions and imprints from the past that are continuing to give you pain and attracting negative energies, people and situations into your life.

Remember that there is a lesson behind every experience whether it seems positive or negative. Once you absorb and realise the lesson, the knowledge and insight then you can release and move on.

After a discussion of your needs and problems, which will bring the problem energies to the surface, we will start the healing and I will seal and put protection around your energy field. I will be acting as a bridge between the universal energies of healing and yourself. You will be attracting the energies that you specifically need and I will be the conduit for the flow of these energies. All will be governed by your higher self, I will be the catalyst, but you will actually be healing yourself with the universal energies that meet your needs. The healing process basically takes two forms, firstly clearing and then energy transfer. However, you will find that the energies will start to flow to you as soon as you come into the room or we connect over the internet.

If English is not your first language, don’t worry, if you can explain the problem we can let the energies and love do the work!

You may find that the process brings emotions to the surface so you may feel weepy as you release feelings that you have suppressed – just let the tears flow as this is part of your healing and indicates that you are letting go the pain – tears are a positive sign that you are benefiting from the process. Just have some tissues handy!

Heart Opening
I will ask you to open your heart to receive the energies that I am directing towards you. The easiest way to do this is to imagine doors at your heart opening. Another way is to put your hands together (as in prayer) then open them and know that this indicates your need to open. Many of us are better at giving than receiving and it’s important to be sure that you have your heart open to receive so that the healing can be effective.

We are energy beings. Every atom and every cell of our body is surrounded by an energy field; therefore, our entire physical body is surrounded by a field of energy which we refer to as an aura. It spreads about an arm’s length all around our body.

Energy flows around and through your body along lines called meridians. When you are healthy and balanced physically, mentally and emotionally then the energy will flow smoothly along the meridians to your entire being to maintain good health and wellbeing. If your energy flow is inhibited for some reason then you may become sick, depressed or below par. Your aura reflects your state of mind and your emotional balance. One of the intentions of a healing session is to ensure that the aura is clear, and that a clear and smooth flow of energy is re-established. Let’s look at what can cause blockages and problems for healthy energy flow.

Energy Blocks
There are several reasons why your energy may become blocked. Here is a brief description of some of these:

Thought forms – as we are beings of energy, so our thoughts are also energy. The energy and the emotions that are attached to your thoughts go to the focus and attention of your thoughts. Therefore, if you are thinking lovingly of someone that person will benefit from your loving energy, energy that is light and uplifting, this is one of the reasons why prayer works so well. If, however, you worry and become anxious the energy created by these negative thoughts will be dense and heavy. If you are fearful for yourself and your future this heavy energy will stay in your aura and create masses that become blocks which will hinder the smooth movement of energy streams through the meridians.

Imprints – Any traumatic or negative experience you have can impact your energy field and may leave an imprint. These imprints can also affect your energy flow and hold emotions that can affect you years after the event. Most of your fears come from such imprints and they may be around for many lifetimes.

Suppressed Emotions – any emotions that you have not expressed but have suppressed are potentially harmful to you as toxic energy.
The next stage of the healing process is the clearing of these negative energies and imprints, I will use any or all of the following processes depending on your needs.

I will direct the energy through your aura and release any attachments or heavy energy you may have picked up from your thoughts (thought forms) or from other people (hooks).

Karmic Clearing
I will request that given permission from your soul, your karma will be cleared. Your higher-self governs this process so if there are any issues that you still need to work through your karma will not be cleared. I will release your attachment to the pain of past experiences, in this lifetime and previous soul life times. This clears at cellular level and removes the associated imprint on your energy body. You may have cleared your karma but be so programmed to follow certain behaviour patterns caused by karma that you still feel the emotions such as guilt or fear even though the cause has passed. This clearing can make you feel lighter and release fears, it can also heal physical manifestations of these karmic burdens, such as body pain or recurrent illness. You may also find that other therapies that have proved unsuccessful may now be of benefit in relieving emotional, mental or physical problems. Any guilt that you have been carrying as a burden will shift as karma is released. I see this process as one of transformation – transforming guilt and shame into wisdom.

Negative attachments or curses
If you feel you have been adversely affected by other people’s negative intentions, then I will help you release anything that is attached to you. This includes spells, curses or black magic but will also work with jealousy and malignant thoughts from those who may wish you harm.

Releasing Vows
There are times when we make commitments and vows to God, to others or to ourselves. Although these may be relevant when we make them there may come a time when they can hinder our progress. For example, to say, “I will love you for ever and ever” when spoken from the heart and soul can bind us to one person for perpetuity. There may be a time when this vow could hold us to someone spiritually who we have disassociated from physically and emotionally. We can also be held by vows made in previous lives, for example we may have been a monk when a vow of celibacy, poverty and silence was appropriate – none of which serve will serve you well in the 21st century! So, I will release you from vows that are no longer appropriate and that you wish to let go.

Genetic Clearing and Healing
As we know from medical science our genetic makeup has a huge impact on our health. It is important therefore that we heal our genes and the most effective way to do this from a spiritual perspective is to heal our ancestors, from our natural parents, their natural parents and back to source. As spirit time is not linear we can heal and release the karma of our ancestors – given that this is permitted by the souls concerned and for the highest good of all concerned. I will heal and clear your genetic stream and bring this down through you to and through the next two generations.

Energy Transfer
I will act as a conduit, a channel for the energy that you need. I do not specify the source of the energy but call for the love and highest frequency that is appropriate for you at this time.

Soul Energy
When we are formed in the womb our genetic inheritance in our physical creation becomes merged with our soul. Before our visit to earth we decide what the objectives of our life will be and what challenges we need to meet these objectives. We then determine how much of our soul and essence we need to bring down into our physical manifestation. The remaining essence stays behind in the spirit world as our higher self. If you find that you are overwhelmed by the circumstances of your life and need more of your essence, more of yourself in fact then I will ask for permission to transfer or “birth” more of you to give you strength and confidence to cope with life and recall any aspects of yourself like joy, -expression, self-esteem etc. that you may have lost. I will also call back any aspects of your soul that you have lost through negative experiences such as abuse or dire neglect in childhood. This is the practise of soul retrieval. Aspects of your nature that you may have lost include your voice – your ability to express yourself, your confidence, your self-esteem etc.

Healing Energies
I will channel the healing energies from the universe that you need at this time. The energies of love and compassion are of the highest vibration and they will raise your total energy levels and lift you spiritually and emotionally. Your healing will be activated by the raising of your energy levels. As a result, cells of your physical body can be repaired and on all levels – you can be healed emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually.

Balancing & Alignment
It is essential that we work towards our lives being totally balanced so I will call for you to be in the state of balance on all levels. I will also align you’re your heart, your soul and your higher self. This will allow you to be fully connected to your higher wisdom and intuition. When connected you can be guided by your higher self, enabling you to make decisions and choices that will be right for you and allow you to know your own truth.

What will you feel?
During the healing process you may feel any of the following:-

  • Tingling anywhere in your body, especially in your hands and feet
  • Gurgling in your tummy as your gastric juices become energised
  • A feeling as though something has left you – you then become lighter
  • Your arms and legs may feel heavy
  • Tears – you may feel weepy and tearful, just let the tears flow they are a sign of releasing emotions
  • Feeling sleepy and relaxed
  • You make experience a total awakening – with surges of light and waves of energy flowing through you.

After the process you may experience:-

  • Relaxed and calm. You should feel far more peaceful when you leave than when you came into the room! Any negative emotions such as fear, anger or guilt may diminish.
  • Spiritually awakened. You may start to see life from another perspective with an understanding of the spiritual aspect of yourself and that you are more than thoughts and physical form. You may feel more in tune with your inner and higher self – the spiritual aspect of yourself – you will be more in touch with your intuition which should give you greater clarity in making decisions.
  • Enlightened. You may begin to understand the full purpose of this visit to earth and any plans you may have made that you haven’t yet fulfilled.
  • Pain Relief. Pain that you have experienced before may disappear. It may become more severe for a short time before it disperses. The healing process will be accelerated, so any virus or fever may clear more quickly.
  • “Cured”. Any illness or injury can be “cured” either by the healing process itself or by subsequent treatments and therapies once your blocks have been released. This can take anything from immediate effect to 6 months.
  • Ability to Manifest. Doors may open to allow you to progress along your life’s path. Opportunities may come your way and your ability to manifest your dreams and needs can be more powerful.
  • Lighter. You may feel lighter, as though your burdens have been lifted.
  • Light Headed. You may feel spacey, light-headed and a little disoriented. This is because you have had the equivalent of an energy “operation”. Negative energies have been released and new, lighter, higher vibration energies have been passed through to you. I suggest you do not drive until you have had a drink of water and feel grounded.
  • Emotional Roller Coaster. The clearing may release the walls and barricades that you may have deliberately put around your feelings following bad experiences in the past. You will not be able to move forward in life with these walls in place, so the healing process will endeavour to remove them. If they are released, you may go through a period of emotional highs and lows before you settle down. You will eventually settle at a far better place than you started, and you will be in touch with your feelings and be living life more fully.
  • You may have a physical detox which follows a spiritual and energetic detox.

After your healing session I recommend you continue to work on your own self-healing. To continue the cellular healing which will enable you to recreate all your cells perfectly, I would advise you to meditate everyday – even for just a few minutes. Intend the healing energies to flow into you – you can see them as a stream of white light entering your body through the top of your head – your crown chakra. Protect yourself daily, there are a number of different methods for this – I like calling in The Blue Flame of Archangel Michael. For further information and different methods see my book Protect Yourself available from my website or as an e-book from Smashwords.com.

Heal Yourself Book. You will find further help in self-healing in my book Heal Yourself published by Piatkus Books. ISBN 0-7499-2295-8, available at major books stores.

Guided Visualisation CDs. I have recorded a series of CDs to guide you through healing visualisations that will help you relax, heal yourself, clear negativity and to develop yourself spiritually. See my guided meditations.

YouTube videos I have filmed and recorded a number of videos of healing sessions directly to you the viewer on my YouTube account AnneJonesHealer.

Love is the Key!