Anne’s Newsletter January 2019

Your Life Purpose and why you get challenged

Last year was a great opportunity for me to find out how adversity can teach us so much; from Tony’s cancer, my own cancer scare, a family dispute, the failure for us to buy our dream home, foot operations then finally the loss of our two pooches. All brought stress, fear and upset but as the grief and stress levels dropped, I could see that they had all given me further insights and ways to manage the difficult times and also to see the lesson, the gift in each one. Each failure, each set back, each traumatic experience, each physical problem we encounter has got something to tell us. While we see the negativity we face as bad and while we look for someone to blame (including ourselves) we cannot gain the benefits of our challenges, we just end up with the emotional baggage!

Do you struggle with life’s challenges?
I give live webinars each month which include a topic, q & a and healing in My Healing Club. The next one is on Wednesday 16th Jan at 7pm UK time and is about our Life Challenges and I will be sharing some of the ways I have learnt to manage adversity. If you would like to join me in this interactive session go to the booking page.

Spiritual Energy – what is it?
As a spiritual healer I have spent years uncovering the truths of our spiritual energy make-up. I share my understandings of our personal spirit energy on a webinar (from my Healing Club) which is recorded and on sale for £5 in my online shop. It also includes a healing session that can help you release some of the imprints you have gathered over your life. Download Spiritual Energy & How it Works.

Healing Course
I am running a two-day course To Develop Your Natural Healing Skills in Burley on Saturday 16 and Sunday 17 March. I will share the symbols and techniques I have been using for the last 25 years. Everything I share you can use for yourself or others and is compatible with Reiki. Booking and information here.

I will be visiting Oslo, Norway again from 22nd May to 26th and running a weekend workshop on Preparing for Ascension. For booking please contact Lisbeth by email: A full synopsis will be coming later.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
I will be giving workshops and seminars in KL from 9th April to 14th See here for full information. So my Malaysian friends – I hope to see you then!

Autumn Retreat
This year’s retreat will be in The New Forest from Monday 30th September to Friday 4th October. Full details will be coming but please pencil in your diary if you wish to join me this year.

Sending you great blessings, good fortune and health for 2019.

Love and hugs
Anne xxxx

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