artaban the musical
Several years ago my friend from school days, Daphne Lander, was handed a small, very old book called ‘The Other Wise Man’ by Henry Van Dyke. The old man who gave it to her said “you will know what to do with this, Daph”. She passed me the book to read and we agreed, without doubt, that it was the most amazing story and we decided to turn it into a Musical and that is what we have done! Daphne undertook to write the script, I wrote the lyrics and another friend, rock guitarist and singer, Rick Radley, wrote the music.

The story is of the fourth wise man who didn’t make it to Bethlehem with his gift of gemstones, ruby, pearl and sapphire. He missed his rendezvous with the other three because he stopped to help a sick and dying man by the roadside and who throughout his life struggles to fulfil his dream of giving his gift because he is constantly diverted by his kind heart to help others. The musical is dedicated to the every-day unsung heroes from all walks of life who sacrifice their own dreams to help others. It is also a story of light against dark which is so pertinent to our own challenging times and how the little things we ultimately give us the greatest satisfaction in life.

We are now well on our journey to getting the musical, called Artaban produced so you can hear sketch versions of the music on the website Please visit and enjoy!