The Power we can get from a Sense of Humour

Every year we have a gathering, a party, a reunion with a number of friends who I have known for many years. This group has become known as our “French Crowd” not because of their nationality but because for twenty-five … Read More

Follow in the Footsteps

Such a sad day. My heart is full of gratitude for this great man. I lived In South Africa for five years so I can understand the monumental impact he had on changing the country. He showed us how to … Read More

Imprisoned Emotions – The Ripple Effect

I have just received one of several letters sent to me from an American prisoner who found me in a rather bizarre way. He has a criminal history going back many years, in fact since he was 16 years old. … Read More

Clearing Negativity from your Home and Workspace

When: December 4, 2019 @ 7:00 pm – 10:00 pm
Symptoms of a house holding negative energies
What causes your home or workplace to drop its vibration
Past trauma in the building
Clearing clutter and unused items to allow energy to flow

Q & A – Your questions answered
Healing – Sending healing to your home and workspace
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Adventures on the Journey

I absolutely love Christmas! I get excited about it at least four weeks before it arrives – which is about now. I love the preparation as much as the event, which is just as well as I do go a … Read More

Finding Your Voice

As this is my first blog I thought it would be appropriate to talk about finding your voice. A friend of mine started blogging a few months ago and she was excited that it gave her an opportunity to speak … Read More

What Did You Say, Dear?

Since I returned from my holiday to the Seychelles at the beginning of January I have been laid low with an ear infection which caused me to cancel my South African visit. As several of you have been asking, I … Read More

The Power of You Healing Events

The wonderful aspect of delegating comes into its own especially when you are ill or under par! I have been struggling with my health (ears actually) for a few weeks now and sadly have had to cancel my trip to … Read More

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