Artaban the Musical

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Artaban The Musical by Daphne Lander, Anne Jones & Rick Radley. Several years ago my friend from school days, Daphne Lander, was handed a small, very old book called ‘The Other Wise Man’ by Henry Van Dyke. The old man … Read More


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I have recently received and anchored an exciting new powerful energy stream. I am using these new energies to Activate Your Soul Flame, to awaken your dormant cellular memories of talents, skills, abilities and personal powers that you have but … Read More

Awaken Your Cellular Memory

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For a long time I have been bothered and concerned that humans seem to fall into despair and low self-esteem so very easily. It takes nothing to knock us back. I have been looking for the reason and answer for … Read More

How to Stay Positive in a Fearful World

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The world political scene is causing all of us some degree of concern and for parents with busy lives balancing work and family life, it can be another dark cloud that casts gloom into your life. All of the difficulties … Read More

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