Adventures on the Journey

I had a powerful vision/meditation the other day. I had been pushing myself too hard and lay on my bed exhausted not planning to meditate or even think of anything at all. … Read More

Heart Awakening

Do you struggle to balance your sense of duty, your care for others and yet also do what makes you happy and fulfilled? It could be that your heart isn’t speaking honestly and truthfully to you. It could be it is stifled by your mind and your social and cultural programming or suffering from pain from past hurts. It could be that your true self is hidden and inaccessible so unable to tell you what you really want. If any of these sounds like the way it is for you then I may be able to help you!… Read More

Clearing Negative Energies that are Attached to You

Clearing negative energies that are attached to you, clearing your own negative thought forms. Bringing you the energy you need at this time: for inner peace, love, attracting a romantic relationship, loving yourself, for easing pain and physical problems and sending light, love, brotherhood and peace out to the world.… Read More

Healing for the Depth of Your Heart

Healing to open and clear pain and barriers to love, to release self-criticism and to see the best of yourself. Releasing worry and anxiety. For the world we see respect and kindness and freedom.… Read More

Finding Your Voice

A friend of mine started blogging a few months ago and she was excited that it gave her an opportunity to speak straight from her heart and be true to herself after years of constantly watching what she said in the spiritual organisation in which she worked.… Read More

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