Healing for Courage

Healing for courage to face the future, for strength to fight illness, for manifesting abundance, for healing trauma and loss, for grief and fear for your family and your animals.… Read More

How to Stay Positive in a Fearful World

The world political scene is causing all of us some degree of concern and for parents with busy lives balancing work and family life, it can be another dark cloud that casts gloom into your life. All of the difficulties you face are likely to have some effect on your own energy levels and the combined worry and anxiety that everyone around you carries will also affect you.… Read More

If you open your heart will you get hurt?

When we talk about opening our hearts we usually bring in the words unconditional love. Mmmmm not easy! Everyone on their conscious spiritual journey has, at some stage, put unconditional love on their wish list. … Read More

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