A Question About Healing

I am a healer. Not by choice but by design.
Sometimes I get this consiousness that ‘everyone is doing fine/well-but at my expense’ Like I am getting really sick, while others lives around me improve, I FEEL, due to my efforts. Where they do not make an effort on their part. Is this because of the people I choose to ineract with?, or because of my healing nature?… Read More

Anne Jones – March 2015 Newsletter 2

It is not long now until the Spiritual Gathering in London on the 19th April. In this gathering I will be focusing on ways that you can filter out the negative energies that surround you, either from people or from … Read More

Anne Jones – March 2015 Newsletter 1

I have now finalised details for the Healing Retreat this year. I believe that retreats offer us the chance for change and the chance for introspection, a chance to grow but without the drama of a challenging life experience. I … Read More

Healing for being Unlucky or Cursed

I need to know why i am always unlucky? why the man i loved for seven years was not loyal to me? I am from a poor family, i need a large amount of money for my mother’s kidney operation and I am unemployed. every time i try to make something good happen in my life or for my family I always fail. why there is no happiness for me and my family? sometimes I feel like we are living with a curse. please help me.
I hope to be in touch with you soon.… Read More

Anne Jones – January 2015 Newsletter 2

I have been pondering on the negative energies that people struggle to cope with and different ways of dealing with them, there seem to be a lot of these around at the moment with many people asking for help on … Read More

Anne Jones – January 2015 Newsletter 1

Welcome to 2015! Let’s make this a great year. I have great hopes and anticipate that it can be a year when we bring work from the past into fruition for satisfaction, fulfilment and financial reward. Yes Money! For money … Read More

New Years Resolution

I wonder if like me you are pulling yourself together after the Christmas and New Year celebrations and trying to focus on the year ahead. As I walked in the Forest with my husband this morning, under grey and gloomy … Read More

Anne Jones – December 2014 Newsletter 2

Dear Member, If you are in the throes of pre-Christmas stress I have written a Stress, Bah Humbug and Being Care Free Blog! If Christmas isn’t your main festival of the year then keep the blog for your own time … Read More

Anne Jones – December 2014 Newsletter 1

I am sitting in my apartment in a suburb of Tokyo enjoying the view of blue skies and autumn trees. The Japanese naturally make things look their best. Drain hole covers are etched with flower designs and even the smallest … Read More

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