balance oracle card

Symbol Message: Bring your life into balance

An aspect of your life is out of balance. The energies of the universe flow equally to and fro; giving and receiving. When you lose your own sense of balance you disconnect with the universal energies and life starts to get tough. You need to be balanced between: heaven and earth; giving and receiving; serving your community and yourself; work and play; mind and heart; action and inaction and so on. Stabilise and get back into the flow again.

Symbol Power: Balancing all aspects of your being

Draw the symbol and hold the intention of reclaiming balance in your life. An orderly and balanced life needs to be planned so work out now what aspects of your life need more attention or more focus. Decide what needs to be given more emphasis. Give your feminine and masculine aspects and your spiritual and earthly activities equal time and consideration. When you are balance you are secure and strong.

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Over time my spirit guides have given me a number of symbols that invoke universal energies of light and also activate our own personal powers that are often lying dormant within us. The energies these symbols bring are the frequency of unconditional love and they have a beautiful resonance.

They only work with good intentions and they are especially effective when your own love and compassion is present. I hand painted each of the symbols, I know you will enjoy working with them as I do.

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