Being Happy as a Spiritual Asset

PODCAST SHOW: Your Healing Path with Anne Jones | Series 1, Episode 15.

Happy people radiate and ripple their light so everyone benefits; so make it an intention to move into happiness and joy as your state of being. We look at what happiness means and why you may feel you don’t deserve it. I channel energies of light and healing to release old blocks and negative beliefs that prevent you from accepting happiness.


  1. I’ve listened to all of your podcasts, some several times, but “Being Happy as a Spiritual Asset” has resonated with me deeply. Like millions of others, I’ve been doing my best to stay positive and safe and get through these uncertain and difficult times, but I confess I had forgotten about being happy. As a result of your podcast, I started a list of intentions. At the top of my list? I want to be happy. Thank you Anne. Xx

  2. Dear Patti,
    Thank you so much for your comments on the podcast. This comes so much from my heart too! May I suggest that you head up your intentions list with the words – What I achieved for myself rather than This is what I want – so much more powerful to take it as a done deal! love, hugs and happiness to you Anne xxxx

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