Blow away the Cobwebs

January has been a long, wet month for us in UK. The New Forest where I live is sodden and we bring back two very, very muddy Labradors every day after their walks! But it doesn’t bother them, they enjoy their walks no matter what the weather – and that is a good message for me – to enjoy the day whatever the weather.

You may be finding it a bit difficult to raise your game at the moment. Do you feel you have lost some of your fizz? If so, you have joined the many light-workers, empaths, healers, therapists etc that I know around the world who are struggling with anything from mild to full on depression, lethargy and low energy right now. When I meditate on this, I see a couple of reasons for our low spirits. Firstly, the world is going through a major shift with many negative energies created by the fears and anxieties that most people on Earth are experiencing. These fears are often based on individual challenges as we work through our life purposes and the lessons, we have set ourselves but there are also many universal fears, killer viruses, fires, autocratic leaders and great concern about the future of our planet. Even though we know we are returning to spirit we have a close connection to Mother Earth (Gaia) and guilt and fear around the way that she has been served by us sits heavily in our hearts and souls. The second reason is that we are connected with the light and those spiritual beings who work to bring more light to us, and we are affected by the challenge they too are facing. They are needing our light and it feels to me that they are tapping into each of us as a source of light energy.

What can you do?
If we protect ourselves from the negativity caused by the fears of mass consciousness and if we work hard at recharging our own batteries, we won’t feel so heavy and lethargic. Here are some ideas: Make sure that you are following a path, a job, a role that suits you and that you enjoy. Spend time with people that uplift rather than drain you. Get outdoors as much as you can even when you feel heavy and lethargic. Dress up and take care of your appearance. Do something for someone else – however small. Play music, watch funny or inspiring movies and find reasons to laugh.

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