A Healer’s Life is Gruelling

More and more people are running or setting up small healing or therapeutic businesses but the vast majority are failing to make enough to live on. I have spent over 20 years earning a living as a spiritual healer, teacher and writing books and can offer ten tips on how others can do the same. … Read More

The Key to Your Heart

When we feel stuck or are stumbling through life’s challenges, we may feel powerless. Anne Jones, author and transformational energy healer says that we are far more powerful than we think we are. We can change an experience or relationship simply by acknowledging why we find it so painful and breaking down the doors to our hearts so that we can start to heal.… Read More

Mud, buckets and bowls full of love (bowls – not bowels)

We moved in November and the time leading up to that has been quite a journey…. We moved from a small caravan where we had been living “temporarily”. The “temporarily” had originally been planned as 3 weeks but strangely, as life tends to happen, turned into 14 months. I am quite stoic really, not a princess and even if I have the occasional melt down hissy fit, I usually manage to pull myself into a more positive frame of mind quite quickly. Having to fill up a water barrel every couple of days in the freezing cold then roll it up and down a muddy field can become a bit tiresome when you fall over in the mud for the 16th time.… Read More

Our Future

This week I had a letter from a British client who has family members from different European countries. She expressed her concern about the outcome of the Brexit vote and asked me for a spiritual take on leaving The European … Read More

Do Nothing But Love

Our natural reaction, generally, when seeing a loved one in emotional or physical pain, is to try and fix it.

Maybe there is someone you care for who is in a relationship which looks and feels destructive and unhealthy yet they cannot seem to take steps to change it. Or perhaps someone you love is sick but they are not wanting to make changes to help themselves .… Read More

If you open your heart will you get hurt?

When we talk about opening our hearts we usually bring in the words unconditional love. Mmmmm not easy! Everyone on their conscious spiritual journey has, at some stage, put unconditional love on their wish list. By the way, all lives are, of course, following a spiritual path albeit in a less aware way. Recently I have been giving some considerable thought to unconditional love. I have come to the conclusion that it’s actually an almost impossible task to be in the state of unconditional love – in fact on Earth it’s a very rare commodity!… Read More

Heart Awakening

Do you struggle to balance your sense of duty, your care for others and yet also do what makes you happy and fulfilled? It could be that your heart isn’t speaking honestly and truthfully to you. It could be it is stifled by your mind and your social and cultural programming or suffering from pain from past hurts. It could be that your true self is hidden and inaccessible so unable to tell you what you really want. If any of these sounds like the way it is for you then I may be able to help you!… Read More

Little Brown Dog Story unfolds

I am so happy to share the latest news we have about the little dog that we found lost and hungry in a car park in Kyrenia.
We had told the local rescue centre KAR, about the dog but the warden who went looking for her hadn’t been able to locate her up till now. Then today we got this message from our contact at the centre.… Read More

Cats, dogs and heartache!

Last week Tony and I and Mandy took our first visit to our new villa in Northern Cyprus. This is part of our new adventure – making our life more fun and doing the unexpected! We bought the villa on a short holiday to Kyrenia in August and it was bought on a whim and a moment of WOW – in other words it was love at first sight which resulted in a compulsive purchase. … Read More

Coping with depression caused by loss of work

The other day my friends and I were discussing the problem of depression and isolation that so many of the husbands of my friends have experienced. We are of an age where the men are retiring and many have held stimulating and challenging roles in their working lives and retirement for many of them left them feeling useless – without a role that they perceived as of any worth and this has led to depression for several of them. One found some solace in alcohol, one was permanently pessimistic and low spirited and one struggled with a number of illnesses that came from lack of exercise, over indulgence and low motivation.… Read More

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