Is Something Taking My Happiness?

Since I was a girl I have been experiencing weird things. But the most important aspect is that when I am happy it feels like the evil absorbs my happiness. I used to see entities now I don’t but it’s like something is next to me all the time chasing my happiness.… Read More

I gave away my Protection Pendant

Recently, i went to Italy and was in this leather shop to shop for a jacket. The owner is a man in his late 40s and was very interested in the protection pendant with the horus eye that I was wearing. He knew it was a symbol or protection and was so keen and asked me how i got it. … Read More

Black Magic

Ever since some people came to my house July 2013, I have been having constant attacks. I was told that the guy named John put black magic around the house. They had access to my house through an organization that claims to help homeowners with minor repairs. I have done many clearing on my house. I have spent all my savings. I have strange movement on my spine. My chiropractor said the vertebrae on my back are becoming weak and out of place. I know when they came, they helped to repair my fence. … Read More

Being at my Door

About 7 years ago there was a being at my door ( I was just moving back to Florida) who posed as a healer and this being had Aspergers Syndrome. He was 53 at that time. After talking to him for about an hour, I detected he was evil. I excused myself and shut the door. Since that time this being caused disastrous effects upon my son and I.… Read More

A Question of Love Spells

I believe I was guided to your blog page and You Tube videos today. I have silently prayed for someone to help me in my spiritual journey for some time now (especially since my Mother’s death in 2008). This might sound strange but as soon as I heard your voice I heard “there she is”. I have a situation that I hope you can help me shed some light on. … Read More

A Smell of Smoke

For some time I can smell smoke in my home. I just assumed it was from the neighbours upstairs. However, the smell has been getting stronger, like the smell of smoke from someone who chain smokes cigarettees. I presume it’s a man, as I don’t smell anything feminine, like perfume alongside it. Nana was here today doing my hair and she felt a presence. I went to the toilet and smelt the strong smell of cigarettes, near my bedroom door. I called her and she smelt it too.… Read More

Meditation and Symbols

I’ve just finished one of your books – Heal Yourself – which I bought a few years ago. Im not sure why I bought it then. Until the last few days when I finally started to read it – it has been on my bookshelf for years and i have never opened it before!… Read More

Protection in Hospital

I recently had a letter from a client whose daughter was about to go into hospital for an operation, she was asking my advice on protection in hospital, how to clear the room, if she should use sea salt and what symbols she should use.… Read More

How to Open Your Third Eye

I don’t think there is anyone who has started to develop their spiritual awareness who has not at some time asked the question “how do I open my third eye”. This is the chakra that works with our abilities to connect to the unseen word of spirit through inner hearing – clairaudience, inner seeing – clairvoyance and inner sensing (feeling) – clairsentience. By inner I mean seeing without using our physical senses or our ears, eyes and touch.… Read More

Guilt Will Draw You Back to Your Past

I have negative thoughts quite often, I sometimes get transfixed on events that happened many years ago, like an insult or a something someone said or did that I feel I didn’t say the right thing at the time in response. The thing is, these events I think about, in the space of time and space, are really quite minor and I know that, but yet I still think in this way. Sometimes I seem to spend to much of my day thinking like this. I wish I lived more now in the present time.… Read More

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