Healing for being Unlucky or Cursed

I need to know why i am always unlucky? why the man i loved for seven years was not loyal to me? I am from a poor family, i need a large amount of money for my mother’s kidney operation and I am unemployed. every time i try to make something good happen in my life or for my family I always fail. why there is no happiness for me and my family? sometimes I feel like we are living with a curse. please help me.
I hope to be in touch with you soon.… Read More

The Challenge of Staying Upbeat and Positive

I feel a blockage in me that I should fix up but do not know how, what techniques to use. I’m blocked. It feels like walking in fog and not finding some way or direction forward for me in life. I’m sensitive, that is, I can sense those who have passed over. What should I do?… Read More

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