Overwhelm & Stress

Most of us suffer with this at some point in our lives and of course, it is a constant balancing act to keep away from spiralling into overwhelm! If you suffer with this on a regular basis, you will find … Read More

Over Sensitive to Others

Living in an over sensitive state to others and what they may be thinking and feeling can leave you incredibly depleted and anxious. I hope you will find some help here for this issue. Recorded Healing Sessions Clearing Negativity From … Read More

Living in the Past

If we have had situations in the past that made us incredibly happy or incredibly sad, we can be drawn back to these times over and over again. If you are finding it difficult to live in the now, you … Read More

Lack of Love

An open heart can give and receive love in equal measure. However, if we have had any reason to close our heart then no matter how much love is poured towards it, we cannot receive it! All of the information … Read More


This can be caused by past vows or fears from past experiences. There are many ways that these can be cleared and I hope you will find something here to help. Recorded Healing Sessions Connect Create and Balance Healing Your … Read More

Genetic & DNA Healing

We can often come into this life carrying the genes that bring certain physical, emotional or spiritual imbalances into our lives. We are passed this from our parents so it is something that can be sometimes overlooked when searching for … Read More

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