Clearing Heart Blocks in Japan

heart-blocks-1024x764It’s been a while since I last posted a blog. This is mainly due to a very full schedule of weekend workshops and full days of healing sessions in Norway and Japan. The other reason is that I have been in a “process of shifting”. This is rather a grand way of expressing the time we go through when we are getting some insights and understandings either about ourselves or life in general. These experiences come as we are clearing and healing some issue, scar or memory from the past that has left us with a fear or other negative emotional imprint. When we are “getting it” we often have excessive emotion (I tend to weep all over the place) or just feel the need to be private. Once we have anchored the new understanding or light bulb moment then we can share it. I am now ready to share!
Earlier this year I had a great shift when I realised that I do not have to spend all my life living from a suitcase and dashing around the world. This led to the idea of a sabbatical for 2015 when I could indulge in painting and writing and two books sitting in my head could be put to paper, so to speak. So these last two trips were the final ones in the old style before the freedom of online and recorded sessions. So on this last trip of the year and in the old style it already felt good to be following the wisdom of my own heart and an opportunity to “practise what I preach” about listening to our bodies and having boundaries.

Pendulums and Heart Spheres
On one of the workshops in Japan I introduced my new understandings of the make-up of the heart centre and how and why it can become blocked. This is the sense of a number of mini heart chambers (I call them spheres) all of which focus our loving connection to different aspects of our lives e.g. parents, work, money and so on. We looked at how bad experiences in these areas can leave us hurting and closing off the love supply into that area of our lives from then on which means we are less effective and limitedin that zone of activity and find relationships difficult to manage. Following the session I thought it might be an idea to check my own heart spheres so I used a schematic I had drawn and a pendulum. I was a bit shocked by the result which showed that I had a block in my Work and Life Purpose spheres (these are often related) and also a mini block in Money and Psychic Powers. On contemplation I realised that this was true as I have felt my work has been a bit limiting and could be better in terms of the number of people I can help. I checked with my pendulumand found that the money issue and Psychic abilities would improve once the Work block cleared – Oh that’s a relief!

Awareness and Intention
Once I had acknowledged there was a problem I had set myself off on track to resolve it. Awareness of the problem and the intention to sort it are the first two steps for resolution to an issue and start the whole process of healing, which is simply turning a negative into a positive understanding and its subsequent release from inner pain and suppressed emotion.
I sat brooding over this and the cause of the block. Most blocks have fear as the base problem. I checked the obvious – it wasn’t a fear of success or a fear of failure. Suddenly a word flashed into my mind. Loneliness. This expanded into isolation and separation. Then a picture came to mind of me in a red and gold outfit which was obviously Japanese from way back.

The next day Tomoko, my liaison at the company Voice Japan, asked me if I would like to go with her on a trip on my next off day to Kamakura the old Shogun capital of Japan. I whooshed from top to bottom and the hair on my arms – then on hers – stood to attention. Oh yes please! I knew then that this was the connection with my picture of me in a rather splendid red outfit. I then googled for details of the old city and discovered that there were a couple of stories of prominent spiritual and military leaders sent into exile. For example: Sugawara-no-Michizane (845–903). Michizane was a distinguished scholar, poet, and statesman who died in exile, having been slandered by enemies at court.
The city is full of temples and shrines and a perfect place to resolve old memories that may have haunted me for quite some time.

Once I had acknowledged that I may have a problem with fearing loneliness or separation with the next phase of my working life my heart became lighter. As I stood before a small shrine to Kwan Yin deep in the grounds of the first temple we visited I had a vision of white marble steps with a wrought iron white gate open on each step leading up to a blaze of white light. A strong message that the way is now clear! Good – thank goodness for that! I recognised my constant filling every day and moment since I was young may have been a coping mechanism for the fear and I know that I had a strong resistance and yet a great pull towards Japan which was most likely the subconscious memories of my experiences there. Anyway the entire day was full of confirmations that things are flowing towards me instead of against me.

Sitting in a beautiful renovated Tea House looking out to a delightful formal garden, Zen style, I realised that we really are all connected by the light that shines from each of our hearts and that flows from everything from the smallest pebble to largest mountain. It’s our authentic energy and it connects with the true essence of everything around us and in the universe. What blocks this flow in ourselves and the environment around us is the lower vibrations that we create with our negative emotions. So as we clear these from ourselves so our connection to the universal energies become stronger and more powerful – it’s an upward spiral. Once the connection is strong we are better able to cope with life’s challenges and can turn them around more quickly.




Doors Open

So I continued to float through the Kencho Temple gardens and found a continuous flow of synchronicity and the sense of all being available just as I needed it! Even the little crystal shop: “how lucky that you found us open, this shop should have been closed today.” So I bought the crystals I needed for the next day workshop and cleansed them in a water feature under a sacred tree and when I stood in front of a conveniently situated Kwan Yin statue Tomoko cried for she noticed that Kwan Yin was also holding a crystal in her hands.



So to wrap up this long blog – hope you are still with me: This is the process of self-healing and understanding:

  • Awareness – you need to acknowledge that you have something that needs healing
  • Intention – set your mind and will to heal and gain understanding
  • Open your mind and heart to allow the healing to happen – set this intention by holding your hands, prayer style, in front of first your heart then your forehead then open them wide
  • See the signs and read your body – keep your awareness high as the energies you need come towards you
  • Let it happen in its own time and don’t stress about the process – go with the flow of it!

Healing happens when energies are allowed to change, when you are prepared to let the emotions flow, when you are honest with yourself, when your desire to be happier, lighter and free is stronger than your fear of the change.

Lastly: Healing will never happen whilst you blame yourself, other people, your circumstances or the government!

Bless you and big hugs. Big thanks to my companion on that special day, Tomoko. Bless you Tomoko-san for your support!

PS Oh yes, the energies are still connecting despite pre-Christmas pressures and I have just received a contract to publish a novel that I have been trying to get out there for months! And since I stopped blaming the government another nice twist – I just received a tax rebate! Ha ha.

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