Conscious Café in the New Forest

You are invited to join me at my branch of Conscious Café for social evenings of Conversations on Consciousness


Concscious Café

The organisation was founded by Judy Piatkus in her London Home to bring people together for a social evening with discussions on consciousness and reflection. The organisation has grown and workshops and events are now regularly held in London. Recently branches of the discussion groups have evolved and I am delighted to be the leader of our New Forest Branch.

Conscious Café discussion groups are for people who choose to live life more consciously. They enable like-minded people to meet locally, discuss a range of conscious, mindful and spiritual themes to connect, learn, explore and grow.
Discussion groups offer:
• A safe space to explore themes and ideas of personal development and spiritual content
• The opportunity to meet and make friends with like-minded people
• Conscious conversation and reflection leading to individual personal growth and spiritual development
• The opportunity to discover unexpected wisdom and guidance which expands personal consciousness
• Time for mindfulness and reflection in a safe caring environment
• The chance to raise personal and global consciousness by contributing from the heart

Each group is run by a ConsciousCafe conscious leader who is committed to their own personal and spiritual growth and is established on their journey.

Our New Forest Branch of Conscious Cafe
I have been a member of the organisation, founded by Judy Piatkus who was the publisher of my first six book, for some years and I have loved the stimulation of socialising and discussing with like-minded souls who are consciously uplifting the consciousness of our world in any number of ways.

We meet from time to time to discuss and debate, poke and prod and generally toss around ideas and thoughts on a given number of discussion points.

What Happens?

We start the evening with a social chat and a drink. Then you chose a subject from a number of suggestions and we sit in groups and explore and discuss these, afterwards we get back together and share any insights and outcomes of our discussions. We have a closing meditation and then socialise over a plate of Tessie’s vegetarian supper.

Where do we meet?
I hold the meetings every four to five weeks and we gather at my home in Burley.

If you wish to join me at these meetings please look out for the announcement flier on my event page or email me on [email protected] to receive a personal invite.

Looking forward to meeting up for good conversations!
Anne xxx

While we are in lock-down – and I am supposed to be isolated for three months, we are holding our Conscious Café meetings virtually on Zoom.
To join please send me your email address: [email protected]

Conscious Café Events

Conscious Café Zoom Meeting

April 20, 2020

7:30 pm

8:30 pm


Please join us in our next virtual meet up on
Letting go Old Ways and Creating New Beginnings.
April 20th 2020 at 7:30pm. … Read More

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