Cost of Miracles

Anne’s short story Cost of Miracles is published on 101 Words!

Father Peter developed cancer, so Bridget Duffy, the church cleaner, used her life savings for a pilgrimage to Our Lady at Lourdes. On her knees for twelve hours, she pleaded for a miracle. Knees wrecked, exhausted, and incoherent, she continued her prayers throughout the flight home, mumbling, hands clasped, “God’s will…Mother Mary…with grace…heal.”

Sister Maud greeted her at the Dublin airport. “Sadly, Father Peter passed away on Thursday last.”

Bridget wept.

“But, Mary O’Leary is walking again, Grace McFarlane has recovered her sight, and Father Peter left you 10,000 euros in his will.

Bejesus, you did well, girl.”

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