» Distance Healing

Distance Healing

May 1, 2019 @ 7:00 pm – 10:00 pm
    • How distance healing works
    • Our spiritual and energetic connection with every living being
    • The power of intention
    • Always the responsibility of the receiver’s higher self – why they may refuse the healing or use it for their own purpose
    • Distance Healing and Healing Symbols
    • Ritual of healing
      • Protection for yourself and the person you are helping
      • Call in spirit guides and any spiritual master you desire to help you
      • Draw the symbols over names or photos
      • Set your intention by speaking out loud
      • Seal energies
      • Disconnect
      • Step away
    • Ball of light method

Q & A – your answers answered
Healing – Channeling healing based on requests. Healing for whatever you need.

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Channeling Healing Energies for yourself and others (4 of 16)

Webinar Video Recording

What are healing energies?
How do they help?
Ritual for Setting intentions to heal

Healing your mind, body and soul – bringing inner peace and harmony. Dissolving fears.

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