» Healing Session for You

Healing Session for You

March 9, 2018 @ 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm

Healing Session for You wherever you are
I am sending healing vibes and love out to you – just have the intention to open and receive at this time or later.
Anne xxx

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  1. Corona Borden
    | Reply

    Hello Anna, just found your website I would like healing in every area of my life, health, finance, emotions, relationship, trauma. I am trying to break curses, bad lucky and other things, I grew up Christian and didn’t know about such things , I would like restoration,and to know my gifts, talents, and ability to create a whole healthy wealthy life tired of suffering I willing to try , thanks Corona

  2. Anne
    | Reply

    Dear Corona
    The healing I send out each month will give you the energies you need to help you start to break the old pattern. You can connect to the session I sent out on Friday just by sitting still, open your heart by putting your hands together to represent the doors of your heart then opening them. This sends a strong intention to receive the love. Say out loud the intention your wrote to me. Then allow the energies to flow through you. Ask yourself if you are holding onto anything that is causing the negativity – it could be anger about the things that happened in the past, it could be guilt, sadness – but its now time to let these go. Write them on paper then burn them.
    I have a healing course in my shop which will take you through a number of healing situations too. Use the morning ritual on my YouTube account annejoneshealer that will set you up with protection and a positive connection every day. I am sending you love and strength to start afresh, to let go the past hurts and turn them into your strength, you have been through so much you can use the experiences you have survived to be strong now. Congratulate yourself for your ability to come through these challenges and see what they have given you, what have you learnt from them. love and hugs Anne xxxx

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