Expanding Consciousness

June 16, 2020 | 7:00 pm 8:00 pm

The Power of You Healing Course

16th June 2020, 19:00 GMT

  1. Symbol Intention: To opening your perception and awareness of yourself, your environment, the needs of others and the effects of your thoughts and actions.
  2. Going beyond your experiences and connecting to mass consciousness
  3. Evolving from 3rd dimension through to 5th dimension
  4. How this changes your relationships and life experience
  5. How to draw and use the symbol
  6. How it feels

Each one hour online streaming session includes instruction on how to use a symbol, question and answer and channelled healing from me using the symbol. Enjoy – love Anne xx

Who is this course for?
Anyone who is interested in learning to tap into the power of ancient symbols. The symbols will help you to heal yourself and others, uplift your energy and expand your consciousness. Each symbol has a unique energy and purpose.

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