Silver Ray Retreat

September 6, 2020 | 5:00 pm September 9, 2020 | 4:00 pm
The Bartley Lodge Hotel, Cadnam

Together we will seek to understand what prevents your inner peace, heal your disharmony and release your fears.

We will be honouring both the sacred Feminine and Masculine aspects that serve you and bringing them into perfect harmony for inner peace. The Feminine brings love and compassion and the Masculine brings Strength – we will share ways to clear your fears and creating a wonderful blending of your Heart (Love) and your Solar Plexus (Will). We will also work on channelling universal energies for the balancing of the Feminine and Masculine in the whole of humanity for World Peace.

Our New Forest Silver Ray Retreat includes:

  • Finding the cause of your fears and healing them and their underlying causes
  • Finding any reason why you cannot be treated as equal, powerful and loving and releasing it
  • Claiming respect for yourself through the wisdom acquired through age and experience
  • Who have you made yourself be – both positive and negative?
  • What version of yourself do you want to be?
  • Releasing and healing dysfunctional and harmful relationships
  • What drives your choices in life?
  • Shedding unnecessary armour and masks
  • Reclaiming your lost aspects such as confidence, self-acceptance, trust and faith
  • Integrating the wisdom you have gained and healing the wounds of unresolved challenges
  • Integrating your Will and your Heart to live with self-determination and love
  • How can you use your Will to fashion the life you desire and open to the love you need
  • A ceremony celebrating your Coming of Age as a Wise One
  • Invocation of The Silver Ray to bring balance to your male and female strengths, releasing fear and claiming inner peace.

When: 6/9/2020 – 9/9/2020.

Location: The Bartley Lodge Hotel, Cadnam near Lyndhurst, (

Booking: Please contact Brenda: | M: 07710 753498

Due to Covid-19 it has been decided, for obvious reasons, to postpone The Silver Ray retreat of 6-9th. September at the Bartley Lodge Hotel, As soon as we have a confirmed date we will let you know.

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