Fear Release

fear release oracle symbol

Symbol Message : Healing negative energies

You are surrounded by negative thoughtforms which are energy clouds created by pessimistic, anxious and downbeat thoughts and attitudes. Some of these are your own but others are created by those around you. You need to uplift the atmosphere of your working and living space and allow your own natural light to radiate. Once you clear these energies you can be your own natural light self again.

Symbol Power: Transforms negative energies

Draw the symbol and let it fly around the room absorbing negative thoughts, feelings and attitudes that create thought-forms that hover around like clouds of negativity. The symbol attracts high vibration energy that transforms negativity and toxic energies and turns them into light. Visualise it spinning around your home and workspace lightening and uplifting atmosphere.

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Over time my spirit guides have given me a number of symbols that invoke universal energies of light and also activate our own personal powers that are often lying dormant within us. The energies these symbols bring are the frequency of unconditional love and they have a beautiful resonance.

They only work with good intentions and they are especially effective when your own love and compassion is present. I hand painted each of the symbols, I know you will enjoy working with them as I do.

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