fertility symbol oracle card

Symbol Message: A new creation

You are ready to start something new, something special; a creation that comes from the desire in your heart. It may be a baby, a project, a work of art, a book or a new job opportunity. Open your heart and mind and welcome the possibility of it’s creation then fearlessly be aware of all opportunities to facilitate its creation. Enjoy its conception, enjoy the process of its growth and enjoy its arrival in your life. It will flourish and grow with your love, care and nurturing spirit and the power of universal love.

Symbol Power: Creating the opportunity for birth and growth

Use this symbol to open all opportunities for you to create something new and special. Focus on the desire in your heart and as you draw the symbol say out load what it is you wish to create. Once you have sown the seeds then let the powerful energies of universal love nurture your creation and see it flourish and grow. Use the symbol until it is fully fledged and has its own energy.

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Over time my spirit guides have given me a number of symbols that invoke universal energies of light and also activate our own personal powers that are often lying dormant within us. The energies these symbols bring are the frequency of unconditional love and they have a beautiful resonance.

They only work with good intentions and they are especially effective when your own love and compassion is present. I hand painted each of the symbols, I know you will enjoy working with them as I do.

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