Giant Nuts, Angels and Connections with God

2014-01-29-09.07.30-300x225Dear Friends

It seems a long time since I blogged but I have had an interesting start to this year. I saw the New Year in with friends in Palma Majorca then soon after whizzed off to The Seychelles for our annual spoiler (Tony and I buy each other a Christmas treat for a winter holiday). While there I reunited with three lovely ladies who had travelled all the way to Lincoln last year to join us at our retreat. We had a lovely day, zapping, meditating and lunching! After a week of relaxing in paradise and waiting for the plane home I was told there were a group of people waiting for me outside the airport with a gift. There were my Seychellois friends with an amazing present of a Coco de Mer. This is a giant coconut that is unique to one island in the Seychelles. The trees grow for hundreds of years and seem like a throwback to the time when giants roamed the earth. The female nut (given to me and in the picture) as you can see resembles ladies parts! The male tree seed – yes you guessed – looks like a man’s parts!!! Nothing more to say really other than the nuts are precious and sacred and you cannot take them away unless you have a certificate – so I am the proud owner of a rare and special nut that has all sorts of memories and connotations!

coco-de-mer-300x224Laid low
Since I returned to UK I have been affected by the huge energy shifts that are booming through the planet speeding us up for our life purpose tasks. I have suffered ear abscesses (yes, very painful) followed by two weeks of deafness. It feels as though I have been wrapped in a cocoon keeping me shut off from the world. It’s a warm and cosy place but with no energy I have spent the time snuggled on the sofa or in bed. The upside is that I have had some amazing spiritual experiences.

Angels in the Bath
One morning I had a relaxing bath with candles and incense (seemed like a good idea) and as I lay back and surrendered to my isolation and separation I was visited by the angel Metatron and the ascended master Enoch! Wey hey – two at once! Metatron’s message was clear and precise – I was to completely focus on being who I am, in channelling love and that alone, there was to be no compromise and I should not hide behind guilt or other distractions. He had sorted all the plans for the years ahead and I don’t have to think of a thing. So that’s telling me! However, the words were sweet and not bossy as they sound as I write them now. Enoch’s message was that he would be dropping in words of wisdom and insights from time to time and sometimes channelling through me when I am giving seminars – also great news. When I googled Metatron I see that he is thought to be the angelic form of Enoch so that was a good confirmation for a start.

2014-01-02-13.28.43-255x300Conversations with God
With my ears taking time to clear my doctor sent me to the local hospital to see an ENT specialist. On the way I sat in the car while Tony drove, wrapped in my cocoon, I looked up at the sky which was filled with fabulous cloud formations and my sight was filled with a giant snowflake-like vision which sparkledwith shining diamonds. A voice in my head said,“I am God and I want you to know that although everyone is part of me, and all make up the state of God, I am an entity in my own right; I am mind and heart – intelligence and love.” Wey hey how wonderful was that? And answering an often pondered question that I have had for some time.

Two days later I went for a walk with the dogs and Tony and again a fabulous cloud formation and I thought God’s here (haha as if he ever isn’t!) and I sensedMetatron again with the message “Don’t compromise on love”. The view was so beautiful with the morning sun catching the raindrops from the previous night’s storm so I took a photo – which you can see for yourself is quite special.

So I am still deaf, hoping that I have got all the messages I now need, convinced that I am ok as I am and trusting that all is going to be perfectly arranged for me!

For you: please remember that you are not alone on your journey. Spiritual guidance is there if not seen or heard. Don’t worry if you don’t get to hear angelic voices or you don’t know who is your guide – you will get what you need when the time is right and as long as you follow your heart completely without any excuses, logic or being side-lined by others then all will be just fine for you. I go off my path when I start to use logic or look for reasons other than just following what feels “right” for me. This doesn’t mean you have to be selfish but you do need to keep focused on your own path and your own purpose.

Kong Xi Fat Choi – Happy New Year
This is the year of the Horse in the Chinese calendar. The horse has always represented spirit to me; so a great year for moving strongly and powerfully along your spiritual path.

Good luck, loads of love and big hugs.
Anne xxx

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  • Hello Anne, i am greatful to the Universe to send you to me, thank you for your guidance, healings and blessings.

  • Thankful and grateful to be led to you and your comforting meditations and healing ! I’m needing peace in my personal relationship of 4 yrs now ! I need a sign from God that I’m on my path for my highest good !

  • Bless you. Ask for a sign and ask for help. I usually see a white feather as confirmation that I am on the right course. Sending you love and strength and the courage to follow your heart. Big hugs Anne xx

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