Happy Memories

I’ve taken a week off to do some writing, some thinking and having some fun with an old friend of mine from Hong Kong, Harjeet Virdee. We are so enjoying the scenery and fabulous weather here and catching up with each others news.

This morning I went for a drive to places that have incredible happy memories of childhood. Like everyone my childhood was not filled morning to dusk with sublime moments but I do have some happy memories of incredible days at the beach with my parents. One place stands out. Whitsand Bay with its long, long sandy beach with rock pools and gentle surf. I remember the very steep climb down the cliff to the beach carrying picnic, bucket and spade and blanket. My father carrying his wartime knapsack with boiled eggs, crisps, tomatoes, wagon wheels and more; a banquet for a 7 year old! The sun shone every day and the sea was calm and all was perfect! In fact it was magical.

So when I drove along the cliff top road towards the beach my heart was thumping in anticipation. I reached the parking lot – not there in the past as we arrived in a crowded bus filled with other over-excited kids; I started to get emotional. The sun was still low and the beach far down below was in shade. I started to walk down the steep path when suddenly I stopped. I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t break the dream! I knew that if I went down there it wouldn’t hold the magic anymore, there would be debris left over from the busy weekend, the tide wouldn’t be at just right level and there would be no boiled eggs and crisps. I turned back and as I sat in the car and wiped a tear I remembered those sun filled days and felt the presence of my father – long gone now. I thanked him for carrying me up the cliff path at the end of the day – heavens knows how he managed that and I knew that I had to leave the memories in their very special box, untouched, untarnished and precious.

I think it can be a mistake to go back to visit old haunts as we then overlay the happy memories with current feelings and we will never be able to recapture the magic of the first date, the honeymoon, the day the baby was born etc. So my way is to let it be, focus on now and enjoy what is going on right now. Ha Ha Right now, right now!

Love and hugs Anne xxxx

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