How to let go of anger

how-to-heal-anger-300x197My heart is full of anger and I don’t have peace even though I have a good marriage with 3 kids on it. I feel like I’m going to pass on the anger to my kids and they are going to grow into angry filled adults like me. One hurting incident happened at work a few years back and it has stuck in me, changed my heart, and made me feel stuck in the situation in all of this I’m still at the same company unhappy and frustrated with life. I read your first book “Heal yourself” when was 20 years and I am still referring to it today. My overall negative, frustrated, unhappy energy is affecting everyone in the house.

Well done you for deciding it’s time to let go of anger. Many people carry anger and resentment for something in their past and continue to do so right up to the time they pass over. Anger is a destructive and harmful energy to hold and it spoils your peace of mind, your health and your relationships – just as you have discovered.

The first thing to acknowledge is that it is ok to feel anger at times. It’s perfectly natural to “lose it” when you have been hurt, disrespected or mistreated by a person or organisation. However, the trick is to vent your anger and not bottle it up. Pent up anger is the harmful and destructive energy, anger that is expressed and released is not going to hurt you as long as you don’t vent your feelings directly in a harmful way to someone else! If anger is stored inside it eventually not only takes away your peace of mind, it acts as a barrier to your heart preventing love to flow in or out and it will, over time, start to harm you physically.

Here is a step plan for you to follow to help you clear your anger:

  1. Do your best to discover the source of your anger. Be honest. Some anger may come from something you caused yourself. Anger can simmer underneath a calm exterior and stem from an injustice or sense of unfairness from childhood or even from a past life. Don’t worry if you don’t know what the root cause is but do acknowledge what sets it off, what ignites it.
  2. Let go all shame about having this anger – own it and accept that it’s yours. See it as a negative appendage, an add-on to you that you don’t want any more.
  3. Make a strong and clear intention to let it go. Say out loud your commitment to releasing it and write down your intentions too. The more you make this a form of ritual the stronger and more effective the process will become.
  4. Describe your anger in words or draw it and then burn it. Writing/drawing and burning is a powerful symbolic way to shift energies and will help you let go their toxic and harmful effects.
  5. Let it out one last time. Go to a place where you can shout, scream, rage, stamp your feet or cry. Shout your sense of injustice, unfairness, hurt, shame and rage to the wind. Do this until to you feel empty.
  6. Forgive the person or people who cause you to be angry. While you are blaming someone for your negative emotions you are not in control of them so even if you have just cause to be mad at someone now is the time to decide to let them off the hook. To help with forgiveness try swapping the word to acceptance. Accept that they did this to you and that there is no way you can undo what they did so now you will move on and let it be. You may also like to see if this episode in your life has taught you anything.
  7. Cut the cords of attachment. Tie a thread around your wrist to symbolise the cord of anger that attaches you to this past event and the persons or persons involved. Sit quietly and say out loud “For the benefit of my heart, my mind and my health I let go all attachments to my anger and I do it now right now, right now” and break the thread.
  8. Celebrate your freedom!

To help you I have recorded a healing session to help you let go of anger.

Good luck and lots of love – you will be giving yourself a great gift of healing by letting your anger go.

Big hugs. Anne xxxx



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