You have chosen to have comfort in your life. You may need some love and understanding for some inner hurt that you are experiencing: a past pain, a lack of understanding, a personal slight you have suffered, the loss of a dear one. Now is the time for you to receive comfort and love and allow yourself to be cherished.


Imagine that you are in a beautiful place – a natural retreat of your choice, somewhere you have visited where you felt safe and at peace. Find somewhere to rest and relax. Breathe in deeply several times and drop your shoulders.
Let your whole body become soft. Feel the presence of angels as they come close to wrap their wings around you; they can feel your pain and are bringing their love and compassion to comfort you. Let your pain leave you as bubbles of light that float to the sky and dissolve. Know that you are never alone and angelic presence is constantly with you, surrounding you with love, comfort and understanding. Just allow their wings to wrap around you.


Share your pain and problems and allow yourself to take comfort from those that love you.

InnerSight Cards

Inspirational Cards for Guidance and Self Healing.

A set of 32 inspirations and insights.

They can be used for personal guidance and self-healing or shared in a group as a focus for meditation.

This pack is designed for personal use but also makes an excellent tool for healers and therapists in their consultations.

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