With this card you have chosen to heal yourself. Now is the time to bring harmony into your life. As you become balanced emotionally, spiritually, mentally and physically, you will begin to feel happier and complete again.
Harmony and balance improve your well-being and health.


Visualise a beam of light pouring down from the skies. This light touches a light within you. See this inner light kindle and grow like a great candle flame. This light symbolises well-being. See it pour through every cell of your body renewing and revitalising each one. Allow this light to regenerate and transform those parts of your body that are causing you concern. You are filled with the
energy of well-being and completeness.


Your thoughts affect your well-being. Focus on yourself for a while now and see yourself in a positive light. Think of yourself as someone to cherish and nurture. Your thoughts and attitudes towards yourself can bring the harmony you need for well-being.

InnerSight Cards

Inspirational Cards for Guidance and Self Healing.

A set of 32 inspirations and insights.

They can be used for personal guidance and self-healing or shared in a group as a focus for meditation.

This pack is designed for personal use but also makes an excellent tool for healers and therapists in their consultations.

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