Little Brown Dog Update

little-brown-dog2-300x224We arrived back in Cyprus last week for a few days to relax, write and paint in our new villa here. First on our to-do list was to visit Olivia, the little brown dog we found shivering and starving in a car park on our last day here in October. Since our visit she had been fed by Mary at the estate agency near the car park and then when they had room the local animal rescue Center took her in. I then set in motion proceedings to get her brought to UK to find a loving home.
We went up to the Center in the mountains and met her yesterday and took her for her first walk. I cried for about ten minutes as she is the sweetest little thing. Cowed and cringing with fear one minute then when reassured that all is well she jumped up on her back legs clutching Tony around his legs looking up with so much love!
It was a beautiful walk in the mountains as the wild flowers are out and the country is green now.
We will visit Olivia again for another doggy walk tomorrow but I will take my tissues next time!
little-brown-dog1-300x300I have completed all the paperwork now and she can travel to UK in April. We have yet to decide where she will stay in UK as I think she needs someone who has lots of time to love her and help her overcome her fears. My boys, two big Labradors, are also rescued or adopted and I fear they may be jealous of the little one. Anyway, we have lovely volunteers to give her a home her so a happy ending in sight for Olivia!
At the villa there are a number of cats that come to be fed every day and we have a big tub of food outside our back door. All the visitors to the complex including pool cleaners and garden ears have instructions to feed them! And I have just found a black and white dog up in the hills behind the house that looks like he could do with a meal! Hey ho – the painting looks like it will have to wait!

Big hugs and love to all animals everywhere!

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