When Luck Changes and Misfortune Comes

I am 40 years old, and for most my life I have been very lucky, my mom would say I could charm the birds out of the sky. But thru mistakes of my own, I ended up in prison. I served my time and was very lucky to have found good work after as that is not usually the case with someone with a felony record. My mother got cancer and died quickly in 2013. Since then I fell off, lost my faith and lost my way. And as it seems lost my luck. Everything has went down the toilet over the last few years, I feel so depressed and so tired all the time. My wife has a friend who is into spells and I have always felt that she was very jealous of my wife and my success. I was laid off in August and I was always able to get a job that I at least got an interview for. But now I can’t even land an interview and even if I get one it doesn’t end well. I’m just not sure what is going on in my life, I do feel that something is off, it’s an uncanny feeling, but I know I’m not alone I feel like there is something just over my shoulder at all times. What can I do?

when-luck-changes-300x190I am sorry to hear of the passing of your mother, bless her. My father used to call that heavy energy you are experiencing The Black Dog! As an owner of a beautiful black Labrador I am not sure if that is an appropriate name for it but I understand the sense of the feeling of foreboding and a sense of doom that can be like a presence that follows you. Depression is an indicator that you are not fully connected and in touch with yourself (that the real you not your personality) and it really does feel as though you are misaligned and have been since your mother’s passing. It also feels as though you are living out some sort of karmic payback although you could see it more as a lesson that you are in the process of learning. Only you would know for sure what that lesson is but it feels like you need to refocus and manage your thoughts and your energy. Once you have got a control back on your feelings and your thoughts you will be in a good place to attract good situations, luck and supportive people. At the moment you are attracting the negative energies that infest our world – in a physical way and also spirit.

I think it would be good to take a two prong attack on this! Firstly I would get your energy cleared by a healer – I do offer a service on my website www.annejones.org which is by donation – to clear away any curses or menacing energies, clear your karma, dissolve the thought-forms of your negative thoughts and anxieties and give you an energy boost. Secondly, you need to have some regular process that focuses on the positive in your life – this will turn your energy vibrations up and this in turn will attract – like a magnet – more positive experiences. You could also take a good look to see what these bad experiences are teaching you! Once we learn a lesson then the challenges are no longer needed and they fade away.

Here are some things you can do to help raise the vibration of your energy:

  • Follow the Morning Ritual set out in my YouTube on my account AnneJonesHealer. This shows you a daily process:
    • To protect your energy from the negativity of others
    • To open your heart to receive the good things in life – love, luck and positive opportunities
    • To reconnect to your higher and more highly conscious self (this is the divine aspect of you)
  • Start a gratitude journal where you think every day about something good in your life e.g. your wife’s love and support, the caring people you have in your life etc.
  • Follow a meditation that clears negative thought forms and lower vibrations – there are many of these on my YouTube account
  • Get into nature if you can, like a park or the seaside even better.

These are just a few of the things you can do to manage your own energies and keep them positive.

Sending you lots of love and blessings and a big hug and remember “this too shall pass” – the good times will return!


Anne xx

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