Hearts & Hands’ vision is to empower and aid those who have lost the ability to make choices about their wellbeing and how they feel – those whose only choice is to face the challenge of surviving.

My philosophy has always been to help people change the way they feel and my healing, teaching and products are all tools to this end. However, several experiences in my travels have shown me that not everyone can become empowered by love and healing alone. To help those that have such minimal resources that they can barely physically survive I started my own charity. In its early years I was helped by my good friend Dr Cary Rasof who has spent his life working with those who struggle to support themselves particularly in Africa. Our work is focused on helping them to help themselves. Not to give them the fish; not to give them the fishing rod but to give them the materials and the know-how to make their own fishing rod. Currently we have teamed up with Rick Mills who works with the British Red Cross and volunteers his time to help assist the children and people in several villages in Uganda and Zimbabwe.

Supporting Bakuku Village and Orphanage in Uganda.

Our representative Rick Mills has recently been to Africa again to use our donations for the various projects we support in Uganda so I thought it timely to bring you up to date with the work we are doing there.

We have a number of projects in the village and we continue our Spontaneous Acts of Kindness (SAKS) where Rick follows his heart when he sees someone or a family in dire need and where a donation can make a huge difference. This trip he gave money to newly widowed woman in the village, bought food for the village pig-rearing project and donated to the kindergarten.

The village houses have traditionally been lit by kerosene which is costly, toxic and dangerous for the families. Rick has set up a project to install solar lighting with lamps and permanent light switches in all 100 of the village huts. This project is ongoing, working for the most vulnerable families, HIV victims and single parents first. On this visit with the help of two of the boys from the school he installed 7 full systems and gave out 20 individual mobile lights.

Lighting installation that will give three lamps and mobile phone charger.

For the Disabled – bringing mobility and smiles

When Rick first visited Bakuku he found Jenny crawling around her home and village and unable to get to school. She now has a wheelchair and we are now paying two of the boys students to get her to school each day and paying for her school fees and uniform.

We have also paid for an arm for Brian and a wheelchair for Stella.

Another success story is that of 25 year old Asaba who lost a leg some years ago in an accident. On a previous visit Rick organised a modern and usable prosthetic leg for him. Since he found his mobility he has met and married a young woman and is expecting a baby. He has rented a small hut-shop and has been selling food and drink in the village to support his family. (See pic outside his shop). We have now opened the door of opportunity for him to extend his business by paying his rent for the year for a more substantial brick built shop. Good luck Asaba and we await pictures of his baby!

Sewing Machines and Tools – creating work opportunities

Hearts and Hands bought a consignment of sewing machines and tools from a UK charity and these are now in action. One sewing project has made a huge difference to the village young girls. Women in the village are making sanitary pads – a precious commodity which allows the girls to get to school every day of the month. Keep sewing ladies!

Orphanage and School

We continue to supply mattresses, blankets and food for the orphanage and have paid for repairs to the school building and installing toilets.

Women’s support and Empowerment Organisation

We have started to support the women’s initiative which brings training and education to village level. They teach women how to start their own small businesses and include direction and guidance on family planning and helping women make good life choices regarding child brides, education girls etc.

Future plans once we have the money:

To continue to install the solar lighting systems into the remaining homes and to replace the mud hut children’s hostel at the orphanage with a brick built house. To help the disabled of the area and supply them with prosthetic limbs and wheelchairs where needed.

Other projects in Africa

School Fees in Zimbabwe
We have continued to send a group of children to school paying their school fees each term.

South Africa
We also support Michelle a disabled woman by paying her Cheshire Home fees.

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So as you can see we have achieved a lot but there is a lot more to do! Any help you can give us will be really well received and we will make the most of every penny!
Love and hugs Anne xxx