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pink_rosesThe wonderful aspect of delegating comes into its own especially when you are ill or under par! I have been struggling with my health (ears actually) for a few weeks now and sadly have had to cancel my trip to South Africa. But whilst I have been languishing in my sick bed or cozied on the sofa with a hot water bottle others have been beavering away. The others in this case are Brenda, Debbie and Tom. The result of their endeavours is the organisation of a Distance Healing Event that I am giving every month through Facebook. Well Facebook is the main place where you can join up and where we will keep you informed of each event. I am dedicating this blog to the details of this. These may seem extensive and detailed but really all you have to do is connect mentally at the time and just enjoy the energies of love that I send out.

The Power of You Healing Group
Here is the event for February 27th

How to join
If you are a member of Facebook, all you need to do is to join the event by clicking “Join”. You will then be included in the healing. You can then share the event if you wish and invite your friends to join. A donate button will be available on this event page for you to donate for your healing.

Miss the time slot?
If you are in a different time zone or not able to tune in at this time then do not worry, just sit back when you are ready, anytime after the event has started and ask to receive the energies that I have sent. Try to relax for half an hour so that you receive what you need.

February’s event
Every month, I will focus on a different intention and for this February event I will focus the healing on.

  • Clearing self-doubt
  • Physical pain caused by stress and anxieties about being good enough
  • Whatever stops you from shining your light!

At the time you receive the healing focus on allowing yourself to:

  • Gain confidence
  • Relax and accept yourself
  • Shine your light then step into it!

If none of these situations are relevant to you then just ask the energies to go and work on whatever you need.

What to do at the time
Before the healing event starts, focus on surrounding yourself in a blue flame of light of love and protection. Then focus on your heart centre, allowing it to open to receive the healing energies of love. You can also write down or just think about your own intentions for what you receive during the healing.

Pass it on
I am loving being able to connect with more people this way and wish to expand on this in the future. There are many countries that I have visited where I have enjoyed giving healing workshops and events. However, it is of course not possible for me to travel everywhere! What I would like to do is to set up distant healing groups in different countries that I am not able to regularly visit. This is where you may be able to help! Do you have a network of people interested in receiving healing in your country? Would you be prepared to liaise with me on times of events and get together a group of those who need healing? If you think you could help with organising and perhaps translating information, then please email me, and we can start to make some exciting plans together!

I look forward to making the connection with you at the event
Love and blessings and a big hug

Anne xxxxx

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