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psychic-attack-300x193My name is Tamara. I would like to have your insight about the best way to deal with recurrent psychic attacks.

Earlier today, I made an exclusive healing request for my daughter, following a recent healing you sent for me and my family – for which I am most grateful. The healing and prayers have helped. Though, I (as well as our family) often find myself victim of recurrent psychic attacks, negatives energies and thoughts, blocks directed at me (and by extension our family). They affect me/us on all levels. I know the sender(s). They are not complete strangers. I also know that the negativity stems from their angry self, jealousy, envy, desire for control . . .

Fighting these constant attacks, on a frequent basis has become exhausting for me/us. For years, I have prayed. I made a point of sending positivity and blessings. Now, I am tired and would like these continuous attacks to stop. What would you suggest me to do for a positive resolution?

Many thanks for your generous help,

Firstly I suggest you find a method of protection that suits you. I use the Blue Flame of Archangel Michael and the golden energies of Setrap Chen, a Buddhist protector. In my little book Protect Yourself ( you will find a mantra that will call in Setrap Chen and also a number of methods that will keep your energies safe and sealed. I suggest you call in this protection while you are standing in a shower as the water stops the negative energies from coming through to you. This is also a good way to ensure that the energies are coming from outside you rather than being created by your own fears.

You should also try to establish what it is within yourself that is acting as a magnet to these attacking energies. It could be an old wounding or scar that you haven’t healed – a situation from the past that you are still troubling yourself over. Forgiveness, cutting the cords and letting go the past can help with this. You should also clear any old vows or curses by saying out loud “I release any vows, curses or commitments that no longer serve my highest good” Say this three times. Sometimes we curse ourselves when we have done something wrong or something that creates guilt and then this vow sits with us far too long!!

If you know where the bad energies and thoughts are coming from imagine those people in a Perspex box in a lovely place (like a beach or field) in sunshine and send them love and light and step backwards and say “I step back and disconnect from you” . Don’t think about them as every time you do you reconnect the cord to them that they use to harm you. If you do accidently start to think of them take a step backwards and chop the cord with your hands (imagine).

I hope these practices help you. They have served me well!

Sending much love and hugs to you

Anne xxxx


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