Becoming a Wise Woman – New Forest Retreat


14th to 17th October 2024

In the tradition of the indigenous Indians – honour and respect the wisdom of age.
No matter your age let your wonder years start now!

Retreat to the Bartley Lodge,
Cadnam, Near Lyndhurst,
SO40 2NR

Guest speakers:
Liz Shield – Wise Eating – Love your Body
Debbie Mulkern – Essential Oils for the Wise Woman
Debbie Atkinson – Being a woman of power on a shoestring!

Arrival Monday 14th October. 5pm welcome drinks and Introductions
Tuesday 15th and Wednesday 16th 9.00 – 5 pm
Thursday 17th 9.00 – 4.00 pm

Resident Retreat Price £675 Includes: Tues/Wed/Thurs workshops. Welcome drinks Monday.
Mon/Tues/Wed private room en-suite with breakfast. Mon/Tues/Wed dinner. Tues/Wed/Thurs lunch.
Day rate: £295 Workshops, lunch for Tues & Wed & Thurs and refreshments
Booking: For instalment payments please contact [email protected].

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    • Your Retreat will Include:

    • Healing the wounded Feminine – healing the effects of manipulation, abuse and oppression and your own lack of belief about who you are and what you can do for yourself and others.
    • Healing imprints – I will help heal your traumas associated with womanhood from this and previous lifetimes.
    • What have you inherited? What scars, attitudes and pain do you inherit from your ancestors? Heal them now.
    • Channelling the Divine Feminine. Recalibrate yourself with love, compassion, and strength.
    • Creator or Victim – What role do you play in your joy or misery? Acknowledge your power to create.
    • Reset yourself! What do you want to release and what to accept? Be the best of yourself.
    • Wise Woman Ceremony – Follow the tradition of the North American Indian culture to respect and honour age. Step into the best years of your life and share the joy of being a wise woman.
    • Lead the way how you wish the world to see you, honour you and respect yourself and your wisdom. After this powerful ceremony you will never be the same!
    • Balance your male and female aspects. Use the Silver Ray to bring peace to yourself and the world.

    Guest speaker: Liz Shield – Wise Eating – Love your Body
    Guest speaker: Debbie Mulkern – Essential Oils for the Wise Woman
    Guest speaker: Debbie Atkinson – Being a woman of power on a shoestring!

    Time to: Reflect, dig deep and heal, discover and accept yourself fully, acknowledge the wisdom and love you have to offer yourself and the world.
    Personal Readings: Debbie Atkinson will be available in the Wednesday and Thursday evenings. Details for bookings on – Events.