Communicating with Spirit


Empower and heal yourself with the powerful energies of Spiritual Masters and Angels.
Bring your journal for notes and blank paper to write down anything you want help with from Spirit.

  • Connecting to your Higher Self
  • Symbol to connect to the Universal Energies of love and compassion
  • Exercise – connect to Gaia – the Spirit of our Planet
  • Saint Germaine and the Violet Flame for clearing negative attachments and your own negative thoughtforms
  • Kwan Yin for love, healing and opening your heart
  • Solar Logos the power of the Spirit of the sun, to bring strength and determination
  • Archangel Michael and his Blue Flame for Protection
  • Archangels that can help you including Chamuel for solutions, Jophiel for Depression, Sandalphone for requests to God
  • Exercise Symbol to connect to Master of Light, Ascended Master, Angel or Deity of your choice
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