Conscious Café – Laughing Yoga with Ellen Klein


10th May 2021 | 19:30-21:30 UK Time | Online via Zoom

There are many benefits to laughter that change our outlook and our wellbeing and we don’t have to wait for a joke or something funny to inspire us. Learn how simple practices can change your life with laughter.

I am very excited – we have a special guest who not only is sharing her experience of laughter to lift our spirits (and consciousness!) but is offering a free certificate course as well!



A message from our guest speaker Ellen Klein: I am a Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher and my mission is to heal and uplift the world through laughter and love. I conduct laughter yoga leader certification trainings and would love to offer a training at no charge to anyone willing and interested in sharing this powerful tool of laughing with others. Trainees will learn about the origins and benefits of laughter yoga, how to conduct a laughter social club for their community and how to adapt laughter exercises for children, older adults and corporate populations. While laughter social clubs are free, a certified laughter yoga leader can offer workshops, presentations and ice breakers, etc. for a fee which can provide an income stream.