Embracing Change

15th April | 19:00 BST

I am delighted to share the good news that I am back on track for Conscious Café. I am now walking and driving again after my ankle fracture and my treatments are progressing for my cancer, so all good.

The Myrtle Hall is still under renovation, but we have been able to book The Burley Village Hall for Monday 15th April . There is a small car park on the land opposite the hall and there is further parking down in the village car park. The address is: Bransgore Road / Pound Lane, Burley BH24 4EB. Doors will open at 6pm so you are welcome from then to meet up, have cake and refreshments and chat. Doors open at 18:30 and we will start our meeting at 7pm with welcome and meditation.

The subject for discussion for this meeting is Embracing Change – this is a subject close to my heart after my last few months of, shall we say ‘turbulence’!

There are times in our lives when we are faced with change, a new direction of the loss of our established and normal life.

Sometimes these changes seem forced upon us by illness, loss of a loved one, work loss and change, moving home because of divorce etc.

Sometimes we make changes because we are led to do so by our hearts, our minds or our circumstances such as marriage, job opportunities or desire for something different!

Either way change brings the challenge of adaptation, acceptance, trust and inner strength.

Tonight we discuss how are lives have been impacted by unsought change, whether we consider that all change has been orchestrated by ourselves at some level or other and share the ways we have coped to make all change a positive experience. What fears have been brought to the surface by the thought of change?

Please share this mail with anyone you know who may be interested in sharing time with like-minded conscious people and enjoying mixing and sharing. So excited to be meeting up with you again and welcome to you if this is your first time at Conscious Café.

Love and hugs Anne xxxx