Evolve to the Fifth Dimension Painlessly!


October 2-5 2023

Retreat to the New Forest with Anne Jones
Release and heal all that holds you away from the light

Guest speakers & readings

Held at the Bartley Lodge Hotel, Lyndhurst, S040 2NR

To pay in instalments please contact [email protected]


Retreat location
Bartley Lodge Hotel
S040 2NR

Arrival Monday 2nd October. 5pm welcome drinks and Introductions
Tuesday 3rd – Wednesday 4th 9.30 – 5 pm Thursday 5th 9.30 – 3.30 pm

Resident Retreat
Includes: Tues/Wed/Thurs workshops. Welcome drinks Monday.
Mon/Tues/Wed private room en suite with breakfast. Mon/Tues/Wed dinner. Tues/Wed/Thurs lunch.

Day Retreat
Workshops, lunch for Tues & Wed & Thurs and refreshments

To pay in Instalments please contact [email protected].

Your Retreat will Include:

  • Intention setting – aim high * Activation of the Divine Feminine *Accept & Love Yourself
  • Healing the wounds and emotions that lower your vibration * Ancestral healing
  • Turning your past into your power *Connecting to your Past Life strengths and skills
  • Avoiding self-sabotage, negative thinking, fear and anxiety *Releasing 3rd Dimension energy
  • Open to the beauty and joy of life –connect to Pan and the Earth Spirits and Gaia -Spirit of our Planet
  • Take control and manifest love and happiness *Live to your potential
  • Guest speaker: Marcos Lastra – Anatomy and the Spirit. The connection of our subtle and physical bodies.
  • Guest speaker: Sashi Radley author of Unleash your Inner Psychic –A talk on Face and Soul Reading
  • Time to: Reflect, dig deep and heal, discover yourself, let go all that doesn’t serve you, step up!

Guest Speakers & Readers

Sashi Radley

Sashi will be talking on the subject of FACE & SOUL READING at 4pm on Tuesday 3rd Oct 2023

Sashi is an Intuitive Development Mentor and Author, currently practising primarily as a Face & Soul Reader, she trained in Hypnotherapy and Past Life Regression at the European College of Hypnotherapy, also qualifying in NLP with Paul McKenna and Michael Neil renowned Supercoach.

She is also the author of Unleash Your Inner Psychic – How to re-boot your natural super skills.

Sashi believes we are all Face Readers; all have natural psychic ability and can all utilise our senses to help us make the correct choices and enrich our lives. She trained in face-reading 20 years ago and has since developed her own methodology. During a face-reading session the client`s face would often appear to transfigure, the features morphing, altering sometimes becoming multiple faces, one after another. Sashi decided to explore the phenomena further. Hence, her face readings became less structured and traditional, more spiritual. Glimpses of the soul purpose, past lives and other facets of the individual would make themselves known.

A 20 min Face & Soul Reading with Sashi
available to book on Tues/Wed evenings.

More info sashiradley.com

Debs Atkinson

Debs Atkinson will be joining us for the evenings of Tues/Weds at the Bartley Lodge retreat offering her unique CKT/reading sessions. Chirokinetic Therapy is a gentle way of communicating with your body to identify any physical, emotional or spiritual imbalances and giving healing to rebalance them. Your body will reveal the areas where focus is needed. The healing method is non-invasive and is followed by a reading giving any further information or guidance to help you on your healing journey. Each reading is intuitive in nature, often with messages from spirit, guides and loved ones coming through, often with humour and honesty but always with love.

Debs is a nature loving therapist who lives in Cornwall with her rescued dogs, ducks and chickens. Her passion is growing food, flowers and herbs to use in medicine. She has been practising natural healing methods for 30 years, originally with spiritual healing, CKT and then incorporating intuitive and psychic readings.

30min CKT/reading session £33.

More info naturesmessage.love


Marcos is a Medical Illustrator, a wholesome profession within the NHS where a team of creative minds works closely with the diverse professions that look after us when we visit a hospital. Photography, Videography, Graphics, and now Social Media are all applied and focus on educating the professionals and also the patients. He has travelled the UK and some as a Clinical Trainer promoting the advancement of medical imaging, particularly Ophthalmic (eye) imaging with machines that use nothing but light but that can predict diseases such as diabetes, all types of blindness and even dementia.

Marcos will share with you, in a TedTalk style, a brief description of how the body works and how the spiritual practices of energy healing can be enhanced with some knowledge of anatomy and physiology.

The talk will touch mainly on the relationships between the endocrine system and the subtle energy chakra system. Focusing first on the Pineal gland and its significance in meditation and ancient healing rituals from around the earth. It is “The Seat of the Soul” after all.

He will talk about the diversity of ancient healing practices such as yoga, Kabbalah and Hermetics which in turn touches on alchemy, astrology and philosophy and how they all lead to the same place, the healing of the Pineal gland. Our “Third Eye”

Where ancient healing practices lacked in-depth knowledge of human anatomy today we are in a privileged position where we have discovered some wonderful, none invasive, ways of imaging the human body. Giving us who practice self healing a huge advantage. Now that we know the structures in our bodies to a molecular level we can zone-in quite accurately to the areas of the body needing to be healed.

Examples and audience participation will be included. As well as laughter and a perfect meditation.