From 3rd to 5th Dimension


Navigate your way from the third dimension, through the fourth to the spiritual goal of the fifth dimension where you can enjoy inner peace and love as the normal way of being.

Bring your journal, blank paper and pen and an open mind with the intention to let go ‘old energy’ thoughts and beliefs

  • Why we are here in this very dense and challenging 3rd dimension
  • What is the 3rd dimension and how does it affect us – mindsets and beliefs
  • Individuals, nations and our world
  • Fourth dimension – the transition – turbulent and chaotic – time to heal – OUR WORLD IS IN THAT STAGE NOW! What to watch out for in this stage of change
  • Ascension – the time to move on and upward! The Fifth Dimension – HOME
  • How to help yourself move upwards and onwards without suffering
  • Exercise to release old energy (3rd D) beliefs and attitudes
  • Exercise: I will channel to you The Consolamentum – the purifying energy used by the Cathars and use the Ascension Symbols to help you move on
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