Heal Yourself


Heal Yourself is Anne’s first book. It is an all-round, down-to-earth guide to healing your body, mind, emotions and soul. With simple exercises and instructions and, most importantly, her unique symbols.

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You will discover:

  • The importance of positive thinking and honesty
  • How to use the power of the mind to banish illness and pain
  • How to use the power of the mind to banish illness and pain
  • How to let go of damaging relationships and release emotional baggage
  • How to build self esteem
  • How to work with your subtle energy including your chakras, aura and meridians
  • How to meditate and de-stress
  • How to ask for help and be abundant in every area of your life
  • How to expand love in your life so you can be truly happy!

3 reviews for Heal Yourself

  1. Sarah

    This is an excellent book.I found the chapter on the importance of listening and opening your heart to be very useful. I found the section on relationships really good, she talks about relationship dynamics in a down to earth way but adds some really useful spiritual insights.I also found the diagrams of what the aura looks like in different situations to be helpful.I didn’t do the meditations but I am planning on reading them aloud and and recording them so it will be easier to do them. I have been on a spiritual path for many years, this book will useful for people just stepping on the path or for those that have been for years. I’d like to thank Anne for all the free videos on Youtube.

  2. Reshmi

    I recently came across your book, Heal Yourself. I just wanted to say, thank
    you, such a wonderful book, i feel as if it was written for me.
    I too, am going through a very difficult period with my sister in law, as
    cited in your book, your Indian patient + her relationship with her
    sister-in-law. I am of Indian origin too and living with extended family is
    so difficult.

    Your book gives me strength, and i am slowly managing to get through my
    life, day by day.

    Thank you once again.

    God bless you for the good work you do.

  3. Cristiane

    I am not very good with dates but it was about 7 years when my uncle gave me your book: HEAL YOURSELF!!!! My life start to change in that period of my life. In the time I would never imagine that I would meet you or that I would be a healer as well!!! 🙂 Life is a big surprise huh?! 🙂 I was watching some of your videos and I am happy to see we are being part of this planetary changing!!!! 🙂

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