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When you become a member of Anne Jones healing club you will have access to Anne’s monthly LIVE healing interactive webinars. You will also receive a copy of the recording to keep. (Any sessions you have missed will also be available in the shop.)

Each webinar has personal healing and energy transformations along with an explanation of the mechanics behind the process. Question and answer time is always included. Anne will share the power symbols and techniques she received from the spirit guides that she uses in her healing sessions.

She will show how you can use them to channel healing energies that can help you to take back control of your wellbeing. Anne’s healing club includes her immediately powerful and effective Distance Healing sessions. Distance healing is any form of healing energy “sent” across time and space that is received and has a healing effect on the recipient. With this type of work, you do not have to be physically present with the healer to receive the healing.

Each webinar includes a topic, interactive questions and answers and healing session. See below for more details about each session in the programme. Subscribe to the Healing Club to join Anne each month and begin your healing journey.

Each month you are invited via email to join the live webinar and will have access to the recording thereafter.

See below for more details about each session.


Spiritual Energy and how it works

7pm on Wednesday 5th September 2018

  • Why you are unique and a powerful combination of your soul’s past experiences and your genetic inheritance.
  • Higher Self
    • Soul purpose
    • Life purpose- challenges and life lessons
    • Wisdom wheel and intuition
  • Soul
    • Negative Imprints and their effects on your life
    • Locked in emotions
    • Attracting negative and challenging situations and people
    • Connection to Higher Self
  • Heart
    • The role of the heart centre

Morning Ritual – Open your heart, protect your energy and connect to your higher self.
Q & A – Your questions answered
Healing – Opening your heart and clearing your connection

Protecting and Sealing your Energy Field for every day life

7pm on Wednesday 3rd October 2018

    • Why do you need to protect your energy?
    • Who in your daily life affects your energy and why
      • Dependent and weak
      • Overbearing and arrogant
      • Manipulative and controlling
      • Jealous and aggressive
      • Uncontrollable
    • Techniques and rituals to seal and protect yourself on a daily basis
      • The egg – don’t let their emotional state affect you
      • The garage door – instant barrier
      • The Protection Symbol – keeping yourself, your family and your possessions safe
      • The Blue Flame of Archangel Michael
      • The Golden pyramids

Q & A – Your questions answered
Healing – Lifting your vibrations to be above the effects of other people negativity. Clearing negative impact from other people. Healing for whatever you personally need

Clearing and uplifting Your Energy Field

7pm on Wednesday 7th November 2018

  • Your Aura and chakras
  • What is a thought form?
  • How thought forms affect you
  • Seeping Ritual to clear thought forms
  • Other people’s demands creating burdens and hooks
  • Ritual to clear hooks and burdens of responsibility
  • Release Symbol

Q & A – Your questions answered
Healing – Healing your own negative thoughts and anxieties – releasing attachments from other people. Healing for whatever you personally need

Channeling Healing Energies for yourself and others

7pm on Wednesday 5th December 2018

  • What are healing energies?
  • How do they help?
  • Ritual for Setting intentions to heal
  • Ritual to sweep negative energies from the energy field
  • The Healing Symbol
  • Expectations and outcomes – who is the healer?
  • Ritual for Healing
  • Symbol for holding the new vibration
  • What you may expect after a healing session
  • Distance Healing symbol

Q & A – Your questions answered
Healing – Healing your mind, body and soul – bringing inner peace and harmony. Dissolving fears.

Life Lessons and Challenges

7pm on Wednesday 9th January 2019

  • What are the lessons you have set for this lifetime?
  • How the traumas and challenges we face have a purpose
  • Childhood experiences – turn them around
  • Letting go attachments to past trauma
  • Patterns that indicate lessons
  • Look back over your past and find

Q & A – Your questions answered
Healing – Transforming the negativity of challenges into inspiration and understanding. Healing for the outcomes of the challenges you have experienced.

Opening and Healing Your Heart

7pm on Wednesday 6th February 2019

  • The spiritual and emotional heart centre and how it works for giving and receiving love
  • Your true self – the core of your heart
  • Heart Spheres – the chambers of your heart and their impact on all aspects of your life
  • Why you may be finding it difficult to find love
  • Why is an open heart so important for your wellbeing and relationships?
  • Why would your heart be closed?
  • Healing symbol to set intention to open your heart
  • Ritual to open your heart

Q & A – Your questions answered.
Healing – Opening and healing your heart. Grief, heartbreak, imprints from loss of love, abandonment, childhood issues, bullying etc.

Releasing Attachments

7pm on Wednesday 13th March 2019

  • What creates the cords that tie us to people, situations and the past
  • Why attachments can cause you issues and pain
  • Holding onto emotions from the past repeats the pain over and over
  • Ritual to let go the past
  • Symbol to Release yourself and set yourself free
  • Cutting the cords Ritual

Q & A – Your questions answered

Healing – Guiding you through cutting the cords to any attachment that prevents you from feeling good about yourself or your life. Letting go yearning for someone that doesn’t love you anymore.

Connecting to your Guides & Angels

7pm on Wednesday 3rd April 2019

There is so much help and guidance available for us from the hidden forces of light.

  • An altar to have a physical intention of connecting to divine help. Candles and icons
  • Essential oils
  • Different beings of light
    • Ascended Masters
    • Angels and Archangels
    • Spirit guides
  • Ritual to connect to your choice of Spiritual Guidance
  • Symbol to help you make the connection
  • Introduce your guides into your Healing Practise
    • Protection for you and who you are channeling energy to
    • Call in your Guides and Angels
    • Sweeping
    • Channeling high vibration energies using the Healing Symbol
    • Preserve the energy
    • Disconnect

Q & A – Your questions answered
Healing – Healing to clear any resistance you may hold to reaching inner peace and physical and mental wellbeing.

Distance Healing

7pm on Wednesday 1st May 2019

    • How distance healing works
    • Our spiritual and energetic connection with every living being
    • The power of intention
    • Always the responsibility of the receiver’s higher self – why they may refuse the healing or use it for their own purpose
    • Distance Healing and Healing Symbols
    • Ritual of healing
      • Protection for yourself and the person you are helping
      • Call in spirit guides and any spiritual master you desire to help you
      • Draw the symbols over names or photos
      • Set your intention by speaking out loud
      • Seal energies
      • Disconnect
      • Step away
    • Ball of light method

Q & A – your answers answered
Healing – Channeling healing based on requests. Healing for whatever you need.

Karma, Vows, Contracts and Karmic ties

7pm on Wednesday 12th June 2019

  • What is The Law of Karma?
  • How does this affect you and how would you know if you have karma?
  • Guilt and Shame – the difference, their effects on you and your relationships
  • Greatest block on your heart and barrier to love
  • What can you do to clear your karma?
  • Ritual and symbols to set intention to release karma
  • Vows and contracts and their effects
  • Karmic ties
  • How to clear your redundant vows

Q & A – Your questions answered
Healing – Clearing vows, contracts and clearing your karma

DNA, Genetic Inheritance and Healing your Family Tree

7pm on Wednesday 10th July

  • What have you inherited in attitudes, emotional imprints, physical weakness, strengths?
  • The trauma of your ancestors affecting you
  • Ritual and Symbol to Heal your family tree

Q & A – Your questions answered

Soul imprints

7pm on Wednesday 14th August 2019

  • What causes Soul Imprints?
  • How they affect your life and create issues for you from everything from Financial Security to Personal Relationships and your Self Esteem
  • Imprints as magnets to attract challenges and negativity into your life
  • Symbols and rituals to heal and clear imprints

Q & A – Your questions answered
Healing – Healing your imprints of trauma from childhood to now

Past Lives

7pm on Wednesday 17th September 2019

  • Cellular memory – how traumas of your past can leave you with fears and anxieties
  • Do you have any past life issues? What unexplained fears and anxieties do you have that came in with you when you were born?
  • Do you have any physical symptoms that have come from your past lives? Imprints from death experiences can create physical weaknesses and scars
  • A ritual and symbols to take you back and to heal the past

Q & A – Your questions are answered
Healing – Healing the effects of past life trauma and negative experiences that have left you with unexplained fears and anxieties.

Physical Healing and the Spirit of your body

7pm on Friday 4th October 2019

  • The connection between mind, body and spirit
  • How your stress and pushing yourself can harm your body
  • Meet the Spirit of Your Body – an elemental that requires love, consideration and respect
  • A Healing Ritual that can raise the vibrations of your physical body to relieve physical problems
  • How the body reacts to healing
  • Symbols to help with Physical problems that respond well to healing. Tension, stress, headaches, constipation, broken bones, digestive problems etc

Q & A – Your questions answered
Healing – Channeled healing to raise the vibration and energy of your body and clearing physical imprints

Psychic Attack and Curses

7pm on Wednesday 7th November 2019

  • What is Psychic Attack and how does it feel
  • How do you recognise if you are under psychic attack – are you being affected by your own fears or by an outside source?
  • Why would you be attacked and by whom? Your weak spots – Achilles heel
  • How to protect yourself from severe negativity
    • The Four Trees
    • Archangel Michael
  • What is a curse? How to release a curse
  • Light is stronger than darkness

Q & A – Your questions answered
Healing – Healing and clearing negativity that may be attached to you. Clearing curses. Healing the magnet that draws them in.

Clearing Negativity from your Home and Workspace

7pm on Wednesday 4th December 2019

  • Symptoms of a house holding negative energies
  • What causes your home or workplace to drop its vibration
    • Past trauma in the building
    • Conflict and arguments in relationships
    • Fears and anxieties of the residents
    • Difficult deaths in the area
    • Souls that haven’t past to the light for whatever reasons – fear, anger, revenge etc
  • Ritual to Clear negativity and Blessing for your home or workspace
  • Symbol to bring peace and harmony to your space
  • Clearing clutter and unused items to allow energy to flow

Q & A – Your questions answered
Healing – Sending healing to your home and workspace