Healing Negative Energies


Healing Negative Energies is Anne’s second book. It is a practical and inspiring guide that shows us how to bring positive energy into every area of our lives. With her down-to-earth, straightforward approach, she gives you the keys to tackle negative energy in your mind, body and surroundings.

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You will discover how to:

  • Turn negative thoughts and emotions into positive ones
  • Clean up the energy of your home and your belongings
  • Cope with electromagnetic and geopathic stress
  • Raise the energy of a place after a traumatic event
  • Release ghosts and lost souls
  • Protect yourself psychically and reverse spells and rituals
  • Bring light and laughter into every area of your life!

7 reviews for Healing Negative Energies

  1. tommy

    This book is amazing! It really helped me work through some stuff. Thank you 🙂

  2. Alenka

    I read your book, Healing Negative Energies, and really liked what I read.

  3. Tara

    I finished your book about negative energies, it is so informative. I would describe the book as a journey to enlightenment.

    Now it is in my sister’s possession, hopefully she reads it soon.

  4. Vas

    I am reading your book ‘Healing Negative Energies’, and I love it (i’m on chapter 3)… I have had Money and Relationships ‘problems’ as far back as i can remember… I was born in Romania, and at the age of 6 months old, I contracted polio on my left leg via an injection, and I was left disabled for the rest of my life. My family always had ‘money problems’, and all I could hear mum and dad argue about was; “we don’t have enough money”! I had recognised this as being one of my money blockages, and I have tried to do everything i could to get rid of it; i have tried hypnosis, EFT, affirmations, meditation, subliminal messages, etc. All of these seemed to work but only on a very short period, 1-2 weeks maximum! Reading your book, I felt that you really want to help people, not only that, but your system seems to work! I would be very grateful if you could help me to get rid, once and for all, of my money blockages, please.

    Your help would be greatly appreciated, and it would help me tremendously!

  5. Nizam

    Healing Negative Energies written by Anne Jones. Have you try and try with all your might to improve your life, but everything that you do failed. Even though you know you can do it! Or do you have a feeling, “something” doesn’t want you to succeed? Like “something” is watching you? “Guarding” you from your success? I have experienced this. In a modern world where we don’t believe in curses, hexes, black magic etc is a dangerous thing. I have used Anne’s “protection symbol” to protect against these negative forces (there are many ways to protect yourself in her simple book). Do you have any questions? Probably have a similar problem like mine that you need to addressed to Anne personally? You can certainly do that! There is still hope.

    There is still hope. Like Anne always say, curses, hexes and black magic are from hate, dark, low energies and to combat these is with none other than love and light! I know sounds simple! But I’m living proof that all of these can be healed. And another thing that Anne says, protect yourself at all times, day and night! It’s not too late! You can even have a private skype session with her for a certain amount of money. Interested? What are you waiting for??? I give this book FIVE STARS!!!! ♡♡♡♡ Thank you, Anne! Xxxxx

  6. Slavka

    This way I would like to thank you for changing my life. It has all started last year with your book ‘Healing Negative Energies’. I’m very glad it has been translated to the Slovak language and when I saw it in a book store I was guided to buy it. It was in a time when I was looking for help, because I suffered from panic attacks, anxiety and I felt totally lost.

    Now I know that finding your book wasn’t just an accident, it was a start of something great for me. After reading your book I subscribed to your page to get more information about your work. After that I have received a reply from your PA, Brenda, who was so kind to tell me about a lady, whose name was Leona Kling. She was doing similar activities in my country. I’m very glad that thanks to you I have met her. Since last year she has been my therapist, healer and a teacher. She helped me dealing with my past, with my anxieties and with becoming stronger. It’s been a long and demanding journey with many ups and downs, but it was definitely worth taking. Thanks to Leona I’m growing spiritually and personally as well.

    I would also like to thank you for your distant healing sessions, which I am always taking part of, and it’s a wonderful experience every time. I can feel amazing energy and love.

    Thank you for everything you are doing, dear Anne. You bring more love and light to all of us in this world.

  7. Aliah

    After reading Healing Negative Energies and practising the protection techniques as well as grounding myself regularly. I was able to overcome the panic attacks and haven’t had one since.

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