Healing with Anne




The spiritual energy healing I offer can uplift and clear you physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. It can release the blocks that may be preventing you from gaining the best of your potential in life; from achieving total well-being through peace of heart and mind or from enjoying good health. I will be looking deep within to see the cause of anxiety, blocks in your work, love life and spiritual progress. I will seek the imprints of the past that may take me to past lives where trauma may have left you wounded and misaligned, I will follow the energy and help you to transform and heal.

If you have a problem booking or there are no sessions that suit your time zone please contact brenda@annejones.org.

Myself and my husband just a HUGE THANK YOU for yesterday. We both feel a very different energy this morning and were very blessed to get some work in yesterday afternoon!! Words cannot describe how thankful we both are and there was definitely a massive shift yesterday. THANK YOU.


Dear Anne,

Thank you so much for the healing last week. I was really low, both in mind and energy.

Your healing stabilized my hurt feeling, my broken heart. It is as if you manage to see right through me, and get to the center of what needs to be repaired/healed.

The last healing was very special, you are always so supportive, and see your client in a light,- only,- with the purpose on helping. It is fantastic to receive your guidance and healing.

I feel a trust that I never have experienced in my life before. There has been a lot of struggle, but with our sessions, I have faith that something good is waiting for me..

Thank you Anne, for your deep understanding and your gifted power to help me.

Looking so much forward to our next session. xxx


Dear Anne,

Thank you so much for the last session with you on Monday. It was so strong, and I felt an enormous relief while you where healing me. The tears came naturally along, and resolved so much tention around worries, old bad energies, sadness over loss, grief and insecurity.

Your healing gave me light, hope, and faith in that there is something good waiting for me, and that I have all the reasons to feel safe.

Working with you Anne is very strengthening, I have an enormous respect for you and your work.

You always give me a feeling that I am somebody special, event hough I am just an ordinary client.

The love and spirit you transfer is so uplifting, your healing gives me power and direction in my life. I have faith in all we work on,- and with,- in our sessions.


Thank you so much for the session today♥️ I have never met anyone so special as you. You bring out the best in me, and I treasure you for that. Most of all opening my heart. ♥️ The session today was so strong, and I felt your healing and help so extremely powerful. So grateful for you and to you. I would never have been where I am today if it had not been for your work with me. Thank you so much Anne, for pushing me forward.


Dear Anne,

I feel extremely positive, refreshed and energetic after our session today. Thank you so much!
I’m really happy and truly grateful to be able to do these sessions with you.

Take care,
Lots of Love,


For many years I did not know I was ‘programmed’. I managed it so well until I was so good at it and got amazing results for others and not myself. I suffered emotionally and then it manifested into a physical problem. I was hospitalised, I had accidents and still no one came to help. Secretly I saw a psychologist and he said I had Superwoman syndrome. Nothing worked until I met you and after two sessions I met a wonderful man and fell in love. From that point I knew I was worthy and I found the courage to go deeper and cleared the problems that I had.

On the plus side, all that programming got me a lot of skills!!

It has been a wonderful journey of self discovery.


Dear Anne,

Thank you so much for giving me an express reading/healing yesterday.

It is always fantastic to work with you, your ability to pinpoint the problem, but also find a solution,- and to solve it. Your long experience in coaching, teaching and healing your clients gives me as a client both a big comfort, but also deep respect and trust.

I know you want the best for me/your client, and with your heavenly gift,- discussing, treating and finding the root of the problem, I always feel completed after the treatment.

This time was very special, because of what we have been through, I got the answer how to go forward, that I had to go forward, and again with your gentle and wonderful help.

Thank you Anne, you make me feel especially cared for/appreciated,- and this is nothing I take for granted. Quite the opposite. I have never experienced such professional treatment, with your honest, caring and always giving hope to the matter we try to solve.


I can’t thank you enough for the healing session yesterday!

You are treasure in life, working with – and through issues that are important, that need to be discussed and receiving your advice.

Self development is a complicated subject, but you navigate brilliantly in “dangerous waters”.

I have learned so much in our sessions, you always lift me up, and give me the strength to go forward. Your awareness, honest and kind approach towards me as a client is priceless.


Thank you so much for my session this week. I feel so much better and I am very grateful to be back on my path. You are amazing!


Thank you so much for the fantastic healing session yesterday💚
As always 💚 I am so grateful for being so priveleged receiving all your good advice and healing, always with an approach setting the best intentions for me.
I feel «I come home» in our meetings. You have opened my way of thinking, and made it possible to restructure my mindset for the better.
It is great working with you Anne💚what you/we have developed/achieved so far is incredible. I am coached by the best, YOU. 💚


I just have to thank you so much for the healing session yesterday. You make me feel so safe and secure, no subject is too difficult or too simple.

I felt relieved after your healing yesterday, I don’t have the hard pain in my chest like before, and more clarified. You always know the solution, and cutting the cords for all the “mud” in my relationship was very right. I was a bit anxious that this would mean the end of the relationship, but you explained it so well, and the healing of the cutting of the cords feels good.

I am calmer, not so stressed thinking of “what is going to happen”, and more in sync with myself.

Thank you for always giving me the best treatment and healing. Not the least your heartful and forthcoming approach when we work together. It gives me happiness/light, energy and self-esteem.


Dear Anne,

Thank you so much for our session yesterday.

It is always a great pleasure and meaningful being able to be straight and right into the essence of the problem/challenge.

Yesterday was very special, you are an excellent advisor, realistic/warm, down to earth!

I feel very privileged to receive your help and your healing.