Healing with Anne


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The spiritual energy healing I offer can uplift and clear you physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. It can release the blocks that may be preventing you from gaining the best of your potential in life; from achieving total well-being through peace of heart and mind or from enjoying good health. I will be looking deep within to see the cause of anxiety, blocks in your work, love life and spiritual progress. I will seek the imprints of the past that may take me to past lives where trauma may have left you wounded and misaligned, I will follow the energy and help you to transform and heal.

If you have a problem booking or there are no sessions that suit your time zone please contact brenda@annejones.org.

I can’t thank you enough for the healing session yesterday!

You are treasure in life, working with – and through issues that are important, that need to be discussed and receiving your advice.

Self development is a complicated subject, but you navigate brilliantly in “dangerous waters”.

I have learned so much in our sessions, you always lift me up, and give me the strength to go forward. Your awareness, honest and kind approach towards me as a client is priceless.


Thank you so much for my session this week. I feel so much better and I am very grateful to be back on my path. You are amazing!


Thank you so much for the fantastic healing session yesterday💚
As always 💚 I am so grateful for being so priveleged receiving all your good advice and healing, always with an approach setting the best intentions for me.
I feel «I come home» in our meetings. You have opened my way of thinking, and made it possible to restructure my mindset for the better.
It is great working with you Anne💚what you/we have developed/achieved so far is incredible. I am coached by the best, YOU. 💚