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What’s stopping you lifting your life above your fears and limitations?

With streaming reports of humanitarian disasters and global pandemics on news channels, the ongoing climate emergency and a continuous bombardment of similar from social media, it’s not surprising that living in the modern world can take its toll on our physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing.

In How to Heal, renowned spiritual leader Anne Jones shows that, amid all this confusion, negativity and noise, you can use the power of ancient symbols and rituals to reclaim control of your emotions, break through your barriers and lift your life to a happier, calmer and more fulfilling place.

Unlock a new strength and resilience as Anne coaches you through a uniquely holistic approach to healing. As you begin to clear negative beliefs, thoughts and feelings about yourself, every single part of you – from your physical body to your mental health and spirit – will respond, come to life and start to heal.

What you think, feel and see becomes your truth. So now is the time to stop letting the world break you down and move beyond the past traumas that have come to define you. By surrounding yourself with peace and positivity and taking control of the negativity that blocks your path, you can begin a transformative healing process that will release your past, reclaim your energy and revive your joy.

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5 reviews for How to Heal

  1. Diana Cooper, therapist, healer and author

    I was hooked! This is the most comprehensive book on healing and a powerhouse for anyone who wants to heal – look no further.

  2. Sue Stone, Transformational leader and TV presenter

    A truly valuable source of wisdom, guidance and practical advice. Wherever you are in life it will assist you in healing, releasing, transformation and your own personal empowerment.

  3. Game Changer

    How To Heal: Release your past, Reclaim your energy, Revive your Joy

    This volume about spiritual healing, by a gifted and experienced healer from the UK, deals concisely with the topic in both conceptual and practical ways.

    The book gives a map and conceptual overview of a spiritual healing system. According to this model, the higher self originates in the spirit and the realm beyond. This part of the self extends beyond this lifetime. Causality flows from there (in the spiritual realm) through to other parts of the self in our physical bodies and mind.

    Our sense of life purpose, our soul destiny and fulfillment, our innate talents, and our challenges (wounds and negative tendencies or soul imprints) all make up a kind of spiritual DNA or blueprint for our lives. To be out of alignment with this spiritual or higher self can cause all kinds of symptoms, both psychological and physical, as well as a feeling of being lost, alienated, or at odds with who we are.

    Anne Jones offers not only a conceptual model but also practical methods for healing, which strike at the spiritual causes of illness. These include the use of symbols and rituals, notably, as well as energetic techniques. Once the spiritual causes of health and harmony are addressed, the benefits will reverberate holistically, to transform the mind/body and, indeed, one’s life.

    This perspective on healing takes seriously the spiritual dimension as the prime mover in our lives. Many healers, if not most (including mind/body and holistic healers), deal with spirituality as an extra layer of the psyche and self, which can prosper, secondarily or derivatively, from psychological or medical therapies. Anne Jones flips this paradigm upside down. Here, the upper world of spirit is the root cause of illnesses and health, in the physical and psychological realms, rather than the other way around.

    Anne Jones has written about healing, topically, in a number of helpful books through the years. Her book about negative energies (and how to overcome them) incorporates her diverse experiences as a healer, internationally, within a how-to framework. Her book about healing through opening the heart demonstrates the great energetic boost – in terms of happiness and health – that can come of daily efforts to take risks of the heart (and mind and soul) or to practice kindness consistently (toward oneself and the world). Beyond her books, Anne Jones has heart and sensitivities as a healer, as well as knowledge, success stories, and lessons to share.

    How To Heal: Release your past, Reclaim your energy, Revive your Joy approaches the subject of spiritual healing in a concise and general way. The book gives a good one-volume overview of this bigger subject.

  4. Dina

    Anne Jones is a truly gifted lady and I have followed her teachings for many many years, Anne makes a difference to people’s lives and this book is simply wonderful.

  5. Macarena

    Anne has developed her abilities at such level that the power she manages can change your life forever for the good. With inmense love, clarity and efficiency, her knowledge and skills are tools gifted to society for the improvement and joy of our lives. Thank you so much for aligning with your mission and offer your work to the world.

    About the book*: This book (How to Heal) stands as a basic in my bedside table, its content is designed to put in practice in daily life with plenty of understandable material making life easier to walk. Thank you for compiling all together for us.

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