Opening Your Heart


In Opening Your Heart, healer Anne Jones addresses our relationship issues and our deepest fears. She demonstrates that by opening our hearts to love, we can change our relationships and our lives profoundly.

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In this book, you will discover:

  • How to attract love and loving people into your life
  • How to make your relationships more loving
  • How to increase your capacity for love
  • How to break down the barriers you have created against love
  • How to heal your heartbreaks
  • This is the perfect book for everyone who is searching for more love in their life.

5 reviews for Opening Your Heart

  1. Andrew

    Having read, and benefited from, a couple of Anne Jones’ previous books, `Healing Negative Energies’, and `The Ripple Effect’, I was very keen to get a copy of this new publication, and I’ve not been disappointed. In it, she continues to allow us insights into her own journey into becoming a healer, and then leads us to see how we too can find the power of those insights in ourselves. This book is about becoming a more positive, vital, considerate and well-considered person. As much as talking about how to bring love into our lives, Jones gives guidance on how to make all aspects of our lives more balanced and pleasurable.

    Early in the book Jones tells the tale of her own experience of how her heart was opened and how she connected with the spirits so that she can bring healing energies to others. This makes a fascinating story of connections, coincidences and happenstance that could give the Celestine Prophecy a run for it’s money – but the great thing with this book is that you know it’s Anne Jones speaking the truth, not only because it is presented as such but because her straightforward style and frank delivery convinces you of her honesty in all of this. The touching, revealing, emotional tales of her own intuitive and guided path of discovery are truly inspiring.

    I think one might question – following the descriptions of Jones’ own experiences – how someone who is not a natural healer, or naturally attuned to spirit life could replicate her experience or create similar conditions in which to open their heart. However, the book does give a step-by-step guide to this process and I believe this book has at least given me some help, some pointers on how I can genuinely heal myself. I don’t believe I have yet achieved a truly open heart, but I can’t wait until I do.

    In the book, there is a list of indications of having a `closed’ heart. I found myself agreeing that several of those points were how I felt about myself and how my heart felt. As I read the rest of the book, Jones helped me believe that I really can open my heart and now I’m trying and I think I am becoming, as she says, more able to appreciate my blessings and the good things in my life.

  2. Joy

    Heart Awakening
    This is a really lovely book which allows you to really open your heart and attract more love and joy into your life. It worked for me. I am so much happier & richer since reading and following the simple exercises. It really works. Highly recommended.

  3. JJ

    Heart Felt
    Had this book a while, but not yet managed to read it all. I am hoping I will now get motivated to read it and that it will enlighten me. I also have a couple of other Anne Jones books. Everything takes time, try one book at a time, if like me you’re not much of a reader (hope to change that now). Bought through alternative seller at very good price. Can add to your book collection for future reading.

  4. Sue

    Your book about opening your heart has made a few ripples in New Zealand as my daughter said today that it’s helped her get over a broken heart.

  5. Deevya

    Your book has brought such joy and inspiration to my life.

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