The Healing Magic of Visualisation 1


The Healing Magic of Visualisation double CD contains the meditations from Anne’s book “Heal Yourself” with healing techniques and visualisations that are simple to follow – ideal for the beginner to meditation.

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1. Breathing White Light
2. Balancing Your Energy Centres
3. Raising Your Energy
4. Visit your Garden
5. Clearing Negative Thought Forms
6. Releasing Fears and Phobias
7. Connect to your Inner Strength
8. Experience Unconditional Love

1. Cutting the Cords that Bind us
2. Breaking Negative Patterns
3. Forgiving – the Greatest Healer of All
4. Releasing the Burden of Guilt
5. Connect to your Soul
6. Healing our World and all that live upon her
7. Meeting your Guide
8. Swim with the Dolphins
9. Music to Relax and Lull you to sleep