The Power of You


Anne Jones guides you through mediations to activate and develop your own personal powers of motivation, strength and courage. Disperse your negative feelings and low self esteem as you accept who you are and build on your strengths.

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CD 1
1. Connecting to the power of the sun
2. Bring your energy field and chakras into balance and alignment
3. Step into your heart and align with the power of love
4. Strengthen your resolve and courage when facing a challenge
5. Access your intuition – align to the wisdom of your Higher Self
6. Relax and let go fears and worries
7. Become grounded and stable to handle fear of the future
8. Heal anger and release tension

CD 2
1. Attract prosperity and abundance
2. Prepare your personal power for the day ahead
3. Connect and be as one with all aspects of spirit
4. Connect with the Power of You to heal
5. Healing body and spirit
6. Create your own inner peace and balance
7. Send healing to a community or city that has suffered conflict
8. Send healing to our planet
9. Lowering Crime levels and Uplifting mass consciousness
10. Unifying and balancing your will, love and wisdom