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Symbol Healing Course

Exclusive invitation to Anne’s interactive webinars


Each one hour online streaming session includes instruction on how to use a symbol, question and answer and channelled healing from me using the symbol. Enjoy – love Anne xx

Who is this course for?
Anyone who is interested in learning to tap into the power of ancient symbols. The symbols will help you to heal yourself and others, uplift your energy and expand your consciousness. Each symbol has a unique energy and purpose.

January 30th 2020

  • Symbol Intention: Protecting and sealing your energy field. Protecting possessions.
  • Why do you need to protect yourself?
  • How to draw the symbol
  • How it can feel
  • The importance of maintaining boundaries
  • Practical uses
February 11th 2020

  • Symbol Intention: Enables channelling of universal energies of love and compassion for healing.
  • How healing with energy works
  • Why do you need a symbol to channel these energies?
  • What can you heal?
  • How to draw the symbol
  • How to use – a simple healing technique
  • How it can feel for you and the receiver
March 10th 2020

  • Symbol Intention: tapping into the power of creation
  • Using the Law of Attraction and the power of intention
  • How to draw the symbol
  • When to use and when to let go
  • A simple five step process of manifesting
  • Releasing yearning, expectations and outcomes
April 7th 2020

  • Symbol Intention: Letting go the weight of responsibilities and excess worry; lightening your load
  • The energy of burdens and their effects of you
  • How carrying people weighs you down
  • The hooks of dependency
  • Which responsibilities are yours and which are not
  • How to draw the symbol
  • Sweeping and clearing
May 12th 2020

  • Symbol Intention: Sending healing energies through time and space to people, places and situations
  • How will it affect the receiver?
  • The symbols of Healing and Distance Healing working together – how to draw and use
  • Using with Clear Quartz Crystals
  • The Healing Heart
June 16th 2020

  • Symbol Intention: To opening your perception and awareness of yourself, your environment, the needs of others and the effects of your thoughts and actions.
  • Going beyond your experiences and connecting to mass consciousness
  • Evolving from 3rd dimension through to 5th dimension
  • How this changes your relationships and life experience
  • How to draw and use the symbol
  • How it feels
July 14th 2020

  • Symbol Intention: To Heal breaks in bones and schisms in relationships
  • How to draw the symbol
  • How to use for bones
  • How to use for relationships
  • Use in distance healing for international use
  • Other uses
August 11th 2020

  • Symbol Intention: To restore harmony to a person or place
  • The two symbols for peace – how to draw
  • How to use each symbol
  • What creates discord in the home
  • What creates your own inner discord
  • House blessing
  • Land Blessing
  • For Conflict and war zones
September 15th 2020

  • Symbol Intention: removing the obstacles on one’s path through life
  • Seeing obstacles for what they are – doubts created by you or challenges to encourage spiritual growth
  • How to draw
  • When to use
  • Overrides low confidence, pessimism and doubts
  • Ganesha – Hindu deity energy
October 6th 2020

  • Symbol Intention: invoking the spiritual energies of the sun to boost personal power of Will and Determination through the Solar Plexus
  • Connecting to the power of the Spirit of the Sun
  • Male energy and why you need it
  • The symbol and how to draw
  • Using the symbol for dissolving fear and anxiety and strengthening Will and Determination
  • Use for healing the stomach
November 10th 2020

  • Symbol Intention: Releases shock after injury and dissolves stress
  • The impact of shock on your energy body
  • How stress traumatises our body, emotions and spirit
  • How to draw the symbol
  • Using for yourself and others
  • Wearing and using the symbol
December 15th 2020

  • Symbol Intention: Releasing blocked energy
  • How your energy can get blocked by thought forms
  • The energy flow through meridians
  • Imprints from past experiences block energy flow
  • Physical symptoms of blocked energy
  • How to draw the symbol
  • How to use for emotional, physical and mental clearing