The Ripple Effect


This Double CD contains the meditations from the book The Ripple Effect by Anne Jones.

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CD1 – Guided visualisations for transformation and relaxation
1. Grounding – connect to the Earth to centre and focus
2. Healing your energy centres –clearing and healing your energy centres to bring your whole being into balance
3. Bringing in Universal Energies – access the power of the healing energies of the universe
4. Meeting your Guide – connect with your spirit guide who can help you with life’s challenges
5. Meeting Ascended Masters & Angels – receiving help from evolved beings in spirit
6. Connecting to Divine Energy – uniting with the divine energies of the greater consciousness of love and creation
7. Sending Love – sending the energies of your love to anyone at anytime
8. Forgiving – forgiving to heal yourself and others
9. Relaxing – relaxing your body and stilling your mind and emotions
10. Releasing fears and anxieties – overcoming fears created by past experiences
11. Fertility – Letting go any fears that may be stopping you conceiving a child
12. Calling in the Angels – a bedtime meditation for children
13. Improving a relationship – creating a stronger loving bond to someone in your life

CD2 – Instrumentals for meditation and relaxation
1. Bringing in Universal Energies
2. Connecting to Divine Energy
3. Meeting Ascended Masters & Angels
4. Healing your energy centres
5. Sending Love
6. Forgiving
7. Relaxing
8. Peace in the Heart

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